How to Join Our Instagram Live Workouts

How to Join Our Instagram Live Workouts

We’re continuing to roll out our Instagram Live workouts. Follow the below simple steps for how to join Instagram Live classes are FREE and available to everyone!

Download the Instagram App on your phone or tablet and follow @HealthworksFit

  • Please note that Instagram capabilities are limited on a computer, and while you can view our account on a laptop or desktop, you will NOT be able to view Instagram Live videos there
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will need to create a user account if you do not have one already. Once your account is created, you will be able to log-in and search for our account

Tuning in WHILE a Live Class is Going On

  1. Go to our profile @HealthworksFit
  2. Click our green, round HW logo profile picture
  3. Click “Watch Live Video” and you will be taken into the Live class
  4. When we are Live during a scheduled class time, you will see a pink circle around our logo, which denotes that we’re Live. Our instructors will be starting the Live classes one minute prior to the scheduled class time. “LIVE” in pink will also appear in the top right of the video when we are on


Watching Past Live Classes

Past Instagram Live workouts will be available for 24-hours once the class is completed

  1. Go to our profile @HealthworksFit
  2. Click our green, round HW logo profile picture
  3. Click “Watch Live Video” and you will be taken into the Live classes versus Stories. If this option does not appear for you, at the bottom of the screen, you will see “LIVE” and “STORY” written, select “LIVE”
  4. The oldest Live class will be the first one to appear. Tap the arrows on the top right of the screen to scroll through the classes we have available. To the right for the newest and the left for the oldest
  5. Instructors announce which class it is in the introduction

You can ONLY view past Instagram Live classes by going to the Healthworks profile page within the Instagram app on your phone or tablet. If you click our logo in the main app or on your computer, you will only see Stories, which are different from Live Videos.

Please remember that ALL Instagram Live workouts are free and open to the community at large, so please share with your friends! ALL classes will be available on Instagram for 24 hours and can ONLY be accessed on Instagram phone or tablet apps (not via web). Each class is just 25-minutes, unless otherwise specified, so that you can stack them and do multiple in a day. Class schedules are shared on Instagram, Facebook and via Stories. Only select instructors will be appearing on Instagram Live, however we will have a LOT more instructors and class formats coming with our virtual class library (launching soon).

There are multiple ways to link your phone to your computer or TV, especially if you have Apple TV, Chromecast, adapter cords or a Chrome extension. We recommend Googling to see if this is something you are capable of doing with the technology you have access to at home. Please refrain from emailing our clubs with questions regarding Instagram Live, rather please see here or send us a Direct Message on Instagram and our marketing team will help guide you.