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Krista F

27th April 2018

6 Things You Might Not Expect During Your First 5K

It takes a certain amount of courage to step up to a start line at…
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19th April 2018

Here are 8 Ways to Up Your Running Game

Do you have a need for speed? Lace up your shoes and get ready to…
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emom workout
13th April 2018

Easy to Create. Challenging to Do: Discover How EMOM can Work for You

No, “EMOM” is not a virtual version of your momma who can show-up and cheer…
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water bottle
9th April 2018

Can a Bottle be a Bestie? Check Out the Latest Smart Water Bottles

60% of that beautiful body of yours is water. Indeed 73% of both your brain…
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mental barrier
5th April 2018

How to Break Through Mental Barriers

Right here, right now, you can bust through the mental barriers that are holding you…
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workout motivation
27th March 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Workout Just to ‘Look Good Naked’

If the only reason you work out is to look good naked, it’s likely you’re…
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build confidence
15th March 2018

4 Ways to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Loving yourself can feel a lot easier said than done. It's definitely a life-long journey…
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red light therapy
13th March 2018

How Can Red Light Therapy Improve Your Overall Health?

Does having a pimple pop up right before your Bumble date make you see red?…
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hardcore workout
8th March 2018

This Bada$$ Workout is the Perfect Cure for the Blahs!

Sometimes you’ve got to shake things up in order to shake things off. If you…
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haes movement
6th March 2018

What is the Health At Every Size Movement?

While some promotions and plans that arose from the war on obesity might have spurred…
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