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eat for performance
5th October 2017

3 Tips When Eating for Increased Performance

That old analogy of a car and gasoline really rings true when it comes to…
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forearm plank
2nd August 2017

August Fitness Challenge: How Long Can You Hold a Forearm Plank?

The team at Healthworks is always looking for fun ways to help our members improve…
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muscle memory
31st July 2017

Turn Your Muscles on Autopilot–How Does Muscle Memory Work?

The dictionary defines muscle memory as "the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious…
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Healthy Summertime Desserts
19th July 2017

2 Healthy Summertime Desserts Filled With Delicious In-Season Fruits

Eating fruits and veggies while they're in-season is an excellent idea. Compared to the year-round…
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row machine
11th July 2017

3 Quick Tips to Get the Most Out of You Rowing Machine Workout

The rowing machine is a great tool for building your cardiovascular engine, strengthening your posterior…
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gym bag supplies
29th June 2017

#whatsinmybag: Inspirational Gym Bag Supplies

The most influential women of fitness are no strangers to people asking about their daily…
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massage for runners
24th March 2017

3 Benefits of Massage for Runners

As a physical therapist, I encourage people to think about massage therapy not only as…
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lunchtime workout
17th March 2017

A Quick 20-Minute Lunch Break Workout

Do you default to eating at your desk during your lunch hour? For a healthy…
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