Kids Club Guidelines

Age Group

Kids Club accepts children ages 6 weeks through 12 years. Ages 6 weeks – 15 months are considered infants. Ages 16 months through 12 years are considered kids.

Ratios and Time Limits

Our teacher to child ratio is 1:5 with a 2 infant maximum at any given time. The maximum time for reservations is 2 hours per day.

Parent/Legal Guardian Presence

A parent or court appointed legal guardian must remain on the Club premises during the child’s reservation time.


Reservations are required in order to guarantee a spot for your child(ren). If space is available, we will accommodate walk-ins. Reservations enable us to plan for your child’s individual needs, age-appropriate activities and ensure a safe and quality program.

– Reservations can be made by calling the front desk during operating hours
– Members can book a reservation through the Healthworks App
– Reservations can be made in person at the Club through kids club or front desk

If you do not make a reservation and we are at capacity according to our teacher to child/infant ratio, you will be turned away. However, we will provide you with the next available time to accommodate your child.

In order to accommodate the most infants and children in kids club, we ask that you book on the half hour or hour mark.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your reservation, you must call the front desk directly or through the Healthworks mobile app. To avoid being charged when you are unable to attend, you must cancel at least one hour before your scheduled reservation start time.


Kids Club offers a variety of options for visits. Visits are only applicable to the club where they are purchased. Each visit covers up to two hours per child. The cost for a single visit is $18.00 per child. Kids Club visits expire 6 months from purchase date, with the exception of monthly unlimited. For the largest per visit savings, the auto renew or monthly unlimited options are recommended.

Available Packages

Kids Club Option Price Per Visit Total Price
10 Visits $12.00  $120.00
20 Visits $10.00  $200.00
Monthly Unlimited (Auto-Renew) —-  $115.00

The 10 and 20 visit options have a 6 month expiration. The $115 unlimited monthly Kids Club option is best choice for our most frequent flyers, especially members who have multiple children. Once purchased, your payment will automatically renew for $115 on the first of each month going forward. To discontinue the monthly unlimited option, the request to cancel must be made at least five days prior to renewal date to avoid future charges.


Parents are required to complete a registration form before using our Child Care for each child in your family. The registration process allows our teachers to have all of the information they need to provide the best care for your child(ren), including information for in case of emergencies.

Sign In/Sign Out

In order to maintain a safe environment program and account for every child in Kids Club at any time, every visit all children must be signed in and out of our care. Signing in will include time of drop off, child’s name, your name, and where you can be located in the Club in case of emergency. Signing out will require your signature and time of pick up.


Please label all personal items, cups, bottles, and snacks. Please label your carrier or bag that is left with diapers, wipes, etc. so we may locate your child’s items. There are rolls of colored tape and markers available for labeling in Kids Club if needed.

Children’s Health

Sick children are not permitted in Kids Club. Please keep your child home if he/she shows any signs of illness such as fever, runny nose, cough or rash. Please refer to the KIDS CLUB sickness and illness policy for further detail.


A full stomach is recommended upon arrival. If your infant requires formula, please pack a bottle with water and formula to be mixed when needed. There are NO NUT or PEANUT PRODUCTS of any kind allowed in Kids Club at any time.

Safety/Items From Home

Please help us provide a safe environment for all children by not allowing your child to bring objects that may be a safety hazard such as coins, toys, jewelry, food or anything that may present a choking or strangulation hazard. Transitional objects such as blankets, stuffed animals, pacifiers or other such items needed by your child are always welcome.

If a child is crying

After 15 minutes of inconsolable crying, we will call you to come back to Kids Club. However, we are more than happy to work with you according to your personal preferences as best we can. If you prefer to be called sooner, please let us know. If possible, we will help to work through separation anxiety with you. Afternoons are best for this, as it is difficult to provide one on one attention during our busy morning hours. Please ask staff or Kids Club Director for more information or to set up a plan for this.


Children will only be released to their mother or appointed legal guardian who dropped them off. If for any reason another guardian will be picking up your child, an alternate pick up form must be filled out at drop off that day. A photo ID is also required from the individual picking up the child.

Evacuation Procedure

In the event of a fire alarm or emergency evacuation, Kids Club and front desk personnel will assist with the evacuation of all kids. Parents can come meet their children in the designated safe area. Each Kids Club location has their specific safe area posted in Kids Club and it is available at the front desk.



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