Remote Programming Group

SHRED some weights, REBUILD your fitness program, RUN your way to a new YOU or TRANSFORM your body with monthly programming to help you be YOUR best! 

  • Receive workouts to do entirely on your own from the comfort of your home or the gym, focused on the goal of your choosing
  • Get month-by-month programming covering strength, cardio, mobility, nutrition and active recovery days
  • Learn the best ways to stay motivated and crush your goals from a certified personal trainer
  • All for just $79 a month!


See below for more information, and to sign up, email [email protected]


Athletic Performance

Are you looking to unleash your inner athlete and take your fitness to the next level? This progressive program will challenge you with new strength movements, different ways to improve your cardio fitness, enhance your overall functional movement, and even help with race prep! Find out how creative and fun fitness can be as you progress as an athlete.

Programming by Colleen Watson, Tier 2 Personal Trainer at Healthworks Chestnut Hill


Race Prep 101!

Race season is coming back and we’re here to help get you ready! Break through that mental barrier and work your way towards running a full 5K or more within 12 weeks with the support of a coach and other people working towards that same goal. This program is more than just running intervals. You will also work on strength and mobility exercises specific for runners to help you avoid injury, improve running economy, and make you overall stronger.

Programming by Kat Vicino, Personal Trainer and Fitness Director at Healthworks Cambridge


Fitness Basics and Developing a Routine

Have you been feeling stuck, less athletic, or intimidated about returning to the gym or your fitness routine? This program is meant to help you build an incredible foundation, regain strength and confidence in your workouts, and help you get back to fitness routine that will get you long-term results.  

Programming by Lianna DeBor, Tier 1 Personal Trainer at Healthworks Chestnut Hill


Strong Women. Real Results

Are you looking to transform your mindset and feel like your best self? With the combination of progressive strength training, cardio, wellness, and nutrition guidance, TRANSFORM will provide you with the tools you need to feel stronger, increase endurance, burn body fat, lose weight and build healthy habits to feel more confident in your everyday life.

Programming by Helen Doherty, Tier 1 Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach at Healthworks Cambridge


I love REBUILD! It’s really holding me accountable to being consistent in my workout routine. Matt’s doing weekly challenges for us too (like water intake, less caffeine, etc.) and I’ve already lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks through it all! It’s been so great and helped immensely with my consistency. 


I have had so much fun participating in RUN! The combination of strength and running workouts has helped me become a faster, stronger runner. I ran my fastest half marathon ever while taking part in the program, and I know the strength training helped me bounce back quickly after the race. I love having a month of programming at a time so I can set up my workout schedule in advance, and Kat’s weekly email helps keep me on track and stay motivated.


I’m so glad I signed up for the RUN program! As a true beginner, I didn’t know where to start. This program is so thorough and has all the right pieces. It has a lot of flexibility to do all the components on your own time, but also the structure and accountability I needed. I appreciated the opportunities to get help from an experienced runner. Kat is quick to offer assistance and provide modifications to the strength and mobility exercises. The monthly check-ins are helpful, and it’s great to hear from other runners what their challenges and successes have been. I was nervous about joining a running program, but it’s been a great step towards my overall health goals and general well-being. I highly recommend trying it out!

What to Expect:

No matter what Programming track you select, our expert trainers will provide you with a months’ worth of workouts for 5 days a week. Each months’ worth of Programming will be emailed to you at the beginning of the month, followed by a monthly launch call to review programming and Q&A with your trainer. Trainers will continue to check in with you throughout the month to help you stay on track and accountable. Join any time, each new program launches on the 1st of the month!

Minimum commitment of 3 months required (ongoing monthly programming).

$79 a month for members and $109 a month for non-members.

Email us today to sign up! [email protected]