Strong Women. Real Results. TRANSFORM is more than just a team weight loss program. Our experts in fitness and nutrition have teamed up to provide you with the tools you need to feel stronger, increase endurance, lose weight and feel more confident in your everyday life. All we ask is that you show up.


Time & Class
Monday/Wednesday at 6:00 PM
Tuesday/Thursday at 6:00 AM
Time & Class
Wednesday/Friday at 10:00 AM



TRANSFORM is a 12-week team weight loss program that focuses on fitness and nutrition coaching. You will work with a personal trainer/nutrition coach to help change your habits and reshape your approach to weight loss.

What’s the commitment?

TRANSFORM meets twice per week with a trainer for 12 weeks. Day 1 will be focused on strength training and Day 2 will be focused on metabolic conditioning and nutrition (see below for more details on nutrition topics). To see the best results, you are expected to complete one workout per week on your own that is prescribed by your trainer.

How many people on each team?

To ensure the trainer can give you individualized attention in a team setting, we limit the team to 8 participants.

What do I receive for my investment?

2 team workouts per week for 12 weeks, 2 Inbody assessments, TRANSFORM program guide that includes nutrition information and weekly workouts, and nutrition coaching. All first-time participants will receive a complimentary MYZONE belt (wearable heart rate monitor) to help you stay on track and motivated with your workouts. Learn more about MYZONEMOVES.

What is an Inbody Assessment?

At the beginning and end of this program we are going to ask you to complete an Inbody Assessment.  An Inbody will give you and your trainer information on your body’s composition including lean tissue, body fat mass and water weight.  The Inbody is essential in helping your trainer analyze health and weight.  It gives you an accurate starting point and helps track your progress to make sure the program is successful in helping you reach your optimal health and fitness goals.

How do I sign up?

Find a group that works for you: schedule here
Sign up on your HW app, stop by your club, or click here to contact your club’s Fitness Director.

How much does it cost for a club member?

$552, or 3 monthly payments of $184 ($23/session). If you sign up on the HW app, you will only be able to choose a pay in full option. To break the payment into 3 monthly installments, please see your club’s fitness manager.

What Nutrition topics will we cover?

Goal setting, proper food tracking, meal prep- the do’s and do not’s, stress management, food quality, sleep and how it affects your food choices, mindfulness, hunger cues.

What happens if I can’t make a session?

No worries, things happen! We will offer 3 make-up sessions to use in our teamTRAINING singles program. We wouldn’t want you to miss your workout! You will also be given all weekly workouts in advance and can do the workout that you missed on your own or with a friend from your group!

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