Push your limits and find your inspiration with teamTRAINING Unleashed and Myzone. Get 30 days of UNLIMITED access to teamTRAINING’s high-energy, small-group workouts led by our nationally certified personal trainers, all for just $299.

teamTRAINING Unleashed offers full flexibility and jam-packed schedule giving you the option to hop into a session here and there or go ALL OUT with daily workouts. Whether you want to increase endurance, improve strength, lose weight, or love the motivation of working out with friends, teamTRAINING Unleashed can help you jump start your routine and take your fitness to the next level! Plus, you’ll kick those workouts up a notch with a complimentary Myzone MZ-Switch trial.

Already completed 30 days? You can purchase this again through the end of August and keep up the hard work!


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What is teamTRAINING Unleashed?

teamTRAINING Unleashed is unlimited access for 30 days to all in-club 30 and 50-minute teamTRAINING sessions. The program runs from July 1-August 31, and you can purchase more than one package of 30 days!

Redeem in-club at all Healthworks locations, regardless of your membership status.

How much is teamTRAINING Unleashed?

$299 for 30 days of unlimited teamTRAINING Unleashed. Package expires 30 days from date of purchase.

What formats are available during teamTRAINING Unleashed?

While almost all of our teamTRAINING Unleashed sessions are high intensity, you have a variety to choose from: BURN, TRAIN, BOX, STRENGTH, KB and more! Please note that teamTRAINING Unleashed will not include teamREFORMER, teamKIDS, teamTEEN or Remote sessions.

Can I buy more than one teamTRAINING Unleashed Package?

Yes, you can purchase multiple packages. If you purchase a package in July, you can use it for 30 days and purchase one more in August. The August package will last for 30 days from the date it was purchased and can be redeemed in the month of September.

How early can I sign up for a teamTRAINING Unleashed session?

You can reserve your spot as early as 7 days prior to the session date. Sessions fill up quickly, so we recommend you do!

What if I need to cancel a teamTRAINING Unleashed Session I'm signed up for?

Our normal 24-hour cancellation policy applies for all teamTRAINING Unleashed sessions. To avoid a $5 cancellation fee please make sure you are cancelling either through your member portal or by contacting your club/trainer by phone or email

How do I sign up?

You can sign up at the front desk or via our member app. It is for 30 days and you can purchase more than once

I already have a teamTRAINING recurring package. Can I still buy teamTRAINING Unleashed?

Yes, you can! We can put your recurring package on hold while you enjoy your teamTRAINING Unleashed sessions. Please contact your Fitness Director at:

I normally participate in teamTRAINING Sessions, should I still wear my Myzone Belt?

YES! Get those MEPS. The trainer will reference and give metrics for those who have a Myzone Belt. Don’t know what Myzone is and  want to learn more? Contact your Fitness Director at:

Are remote sessions offered?

No, teamTRAINING Unleashed only includes our in-club workouts.

teamTRAINING with Myzone

Kick up Your Workouts and Push the Limits with MZ-SWITCH

What is the MZ-Switch?

MZ-Switch by Myzone is the world’s first heart rate monitor that you can wear on your chest, arm or wrist. Track your real time heart rate and effort to see your data on screen and move through the zones to earn MEPs (Myzone Effort Points). Wearable three ways, simply switch between the chest belt, wrist strap and arm band, depending on your choice of physical activity. It’s time to switch things up.

A 30-day trial of MZ-Switch is included with your 30-day teamTRAINING Unleashed package!

How do I wear the MZ-Switch and when should I use the different options?

Wrist: Slide your hand through the loop and pull the strap to tighten against your skin. The module should be positioned two fingers above your wrist bone. Wear on your wrist for non-gripping activity and repeatable movements, including swimming.

Forearm: Slide your hand through the loop and position just beneath the elbow with module facing out. Wear on your forearm for improved accuracy during non-gripping activity and repeatable movements, except swimming.

Chest: Place the strap around your body. Snap the module onto the strap and position the module on your sternum with direct skin contact. Wet the black pads for better heart rate conductivity. Wear on your chest for the most accurate readings during all types of exercises except swimming.


Can you switch from arm to chest and continue a workout?

Yes, you can switch from arm to chest and receive 1 cohesive graph as long as there is not a 10 minute break between activities.

How does the MZ-Switch measure my heart rate?

When on the wrist or forearm, the MZ-Switch uses an optical blood flow sensor that shines a light into your skin using LEDs that measures the blood flow to determine your heart rate. When in chest mode, the black pads on the strap make direct skin contact to deliver electrocardiogram (ECG) quality signals directly from your heart.

How accurate is the MZ-Switch?

The wrist and forearm-based monitors provide 95% PPG accuracy for activities that don’t involve gripping. The chest-based tracking continues to provide 99.4% ECG accuracy.

Can I pause a workout?

No, there is an on/off button which only applies for the wrist and forearm. This is activated when you press and hold the module. The chest option turns on when the module detects your HR via the EKG sensors on the strap and does not require you to press the module to turn on or off.

Can the MZ-Switch connect with other apps and equipment?

Yes, the MZ-Switch uses ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity to sync with in-club display screens, watches bike computers and ant+ and BLE enabled gym equipment in addition to the Myzone app. Myzone integrations also include third-party apps such as MapMyRun, Strava, MyFitnessPal.
The MZ-Switch does not have analog signal so it may not connect to some cardio equipment.

Can I stream the MZ-Switch to my smart watch?

Yes, you can pair your MZ-Switch to accessories and wearables such as Apple Watch, Samsung or Garmin devices. Follow your smart watch’s instructions for “pairing” or “connecting”.

Is the MZ-Switch waterproof?

Yes, the MZ-Switch is waterproof up to 10 meters and is the first Myzone product compatible for tracking your MEPs while swimming. To guarantee accurate results, it is recommended to wear the MZ-Switch on the wrist during swimming, surfing, paddle boarding or water aerobics.

Can I store workout data on my MZ-Switch?

Yes, when you are not streaming live to your workout tile or in-club display, you can store up to 36 hours of exercise data. You can upload stored exercise data by wearing the MZ-Switch and uploading through the Myzone app or in-club display.

Does the MZ-Switch have sleep tracking or GPS capabilities?

No, MZ-Switch is designed to reward effort through the measurement of your heart rate during physical activity.

How do I register an MZ-Switch if I already have an existing account?

You can edit your device ID on the Myzone app under Settings> My profile > Device ID. Doing so will guarantee you keep your status ranking and previous workout data.

I just purchased a MZ-3 order, can I replace it with MZ-Switch?

Please talk to your Fitness Director and we’ll do our best to help you!