Push your limits with unlimited access to teamTRAINING 30-minute sessions from July 29, 2019 to September 15, 2019 for $229! These challenging workouts with one of Boston’s best Personal Trainers are designed for a multitude of goals and fitness levels. Whether you want to increase endurance, improve strength, lose weight, or tone muscle, teamTRAINING Unleashed can help you jump start your routine and take your fitness to the next level!

Want teamTRAINING Unleashed for free? Current members, refer your friend to experience Healthworks or Republic and if your friend joins, both you and your friend will receive teamTRAINING Unleashed as our gift! Give them a pass now by clicking the Refer a Friend button.




Hard-hitting cardio intervals and intense strength and bodyweight exercises are fused together for this challenging workout. Customized to help break through your fitness boundaries, you are guaranteed to leave feeling accomplished, strong and powerful!


BURN calories and blast fat with high intensity cardiovascular intervals paired with total body strength and conditioning training. Cardio circuits involve sprints, gradient drills, and endurance intervals.


Swing, squat and press your way through an invigorating 30-minute workout with kettlebells. When used properly, kettlebells help build lean muscle and increase power in a fun, high-intensity driven way. Not familiar with how to use a kettlebell? Our certified trainers will help you use proper form in every workout.


“Total Body Resistance Exercise,” or more commonly known as TRX in the fitness industry, utilizes suspension-based body weight exercises to challenge all fitness levels. Certified instructors will take you through an array of upper and lower body, core and cardio-based exercises ranging from basic to intermediate and even advanced movements to deliver a well-rounded total body workout.


Rowing provides a full body, cardio workout with low impact benefits for your joints. In teamROW30, be prepared to combine segments of rowing with strength movements off the machines to target your leg and back muscles for a total body burn.


What is teamTRAINING Unleashed (tTU)?

teamTRAINING Unleashed (tTU) is 7 weeks of high-intensity 30-minute sessions.  This jam- packed schedule will give you the flexibility to hop into a class here and there or go ALL OUT with the options for back to back or two a day sessions.

When is tTU?

Sessions can be redeemed from July 29th– September 15th AND can be used at all Healthworks locations and Republic Fitness. *male members can redeem at Republic Fitness only.

How much is tTU?

$229 for your unlimited 7-week package.  If you refer a friend and they join in the month of July, you both will receive tTU for FREE! Have someone in mind?  Refer them here

What teamTRAINING Unleashed sessions are available to me?

While all of our tTU sessions are high intensity, you have a variety to choose from!  Aside from our traditional teamTRAIN30 format, you can choose to hit the treadmill with teamBURN30 or hit a boxing bag with teamBOXING30.

I normally participate in teamTRAINING Seasons, should I still wear my MYZONE Belt?

YES!  Get those MEPS.  The trainer will reference and give metrics for those who have a MYZONE Belt.  Don’t know what a MYZONE belt is but you are interested in learning more? Contact your Fitness Director at:

Back Bay


Chestnut Hill


I just joined and want to use my complimentary teamTRAINING Session. How do I sign up for this?

Depending on what you are looking for, we have two great options for you!  You can use your complimentary session for of the teamTRAINING UNLEASHED 30-minute sessions (all are a high intensity workouts) or a 50 minute Single in July or September. 

How early can I sign up for a tTU session?

 You can reserve your spot as early as 7 days prior to the session date.  Sessions fill up quickly, so we recommend you do!

What if I need to cancel a tTU Session I'm signed up for?

Our normal 24-hour cancellation policy applies for all teamTRAINING Unleashed sessions.  To avoid a $5 cancellation fee please make sure you are cancelling either through your member portal or by contacting your club/trainer by phone or email.