Anniversary Sale: no enrollment fee and pay $19.99 bi-weekly dues until the end of 2020!


Virtual Membership

  • Hundreds of Virtual HWX Classes and trainer workouts on Vimeo On Demand
  • Weekly Live classes on Zoom
  • Discounts on HWX Outdoor Classes, Personal Training, Remote Training, teamTRAINING and more
  • Full access to Les Mills On-Demand and their robust class offerings, including HIIT, Mindfulness, Training, BODYPUMP
  • No commitment required!

All Healthworks non-Commit Membership

  • Build your tribe, unplug, and connect in 4 spacious locations. Feel better, spike your fitness, and reduce stress in our empowering, women-only environments
  • Enjoy unlimited access to Healthworks clubs, HWX classes and a Virtual Membership
  • Receive member-pricing on massage, personal training, teamTRAINING and more
  • Complimentary InBody® Assessment, teamTRAINING session and personal training session upon enrollment

*Pricing when you complete two complimentary sessions with a trainer within 4 weeks of joining. If you choose not to complete the sessions, your bi-weekly rate will be $57.99.


How can I join with a single club membership?

Please head to these pages: Back Bay, Cambridge, Coolidge Corner, Chestnut Hill or Republic Fitness.

When am I billed for my membership?

Memberships are billed bi-weekly. The first payment is typically* billed two weeks after your start date and bi-weekly thereafter.
*With the exception of a special promotion that delays your first payment date

Are there other fees?

To keep our clubs in fantastic condition, our physical memberships have a $99.99 annual facilities enhancement fee. When you chose to pay for your membership with your bank account (ACH), you will receive a $30 discount, reducing the annual facilities fee to $69.99. This fee is billed three weeks after you join and annually on that date thereafter.

Virtual Memberships do not have any other fees.

What is the process for canceling the membership?

If you need to cancel your membership, please stop by the club and ask to speak to a manager. After submitting your cancelation, you will be billed just one more billing cycle.

Virtual memberships, please email [email protected]

Are there any fees to cancel my membership?

With our virtual and  “Non-Commit” membership option, there are no cancelation fees. If you enrolled with a 12+ Month membership and cancel before 26 (bi-weekly) dues payments, there is a $99 cancelation fee.

Can I freeze my membership and what is the process?

Of course! We allow members to freeze for up to 12 weeks a calendar year for only $15 bi-weekly. If you have a medical issue or are having a baby, we will waive the fee and extend the time period! Just ask.

Why are there different rates at different HW locations?

All of our clubs are located in different neighborhoods across Boston, and each club has different features and amenities.

Can you apply my corporate discount?

Healthworks has partnerships with over 200 businesses and organizations in the area where we provide discounts to our multi-club membership. If you would like to take advantage of this, please join online using your work email address, reply to the automated email from HW, and we will gladly apply the discount to your account.

If I choose the 12+ Month Option, what happens after 12 months?

If you enrolled with a 12+ Month membership your membership adjusts to our “Pay as You Go” aka “Non-Commit” membership option after your 26th (bi-weekly) dues payment. You will continue to be billed automatically, no need to manually renew.