Access my Virtual Membership

Access our virtual group fitness classes with one of the links below. The password we provide you via email every Monday morning is universal to all of these showcases.

The virtual schedule is below. A class labeled “Vimeo On Demand” simply means we are releasing all Vimeo On Demand classes at 7:30 AM that day.

You can view classes on your computer, tablet, and phone.  Be sure to refresh your browser to see the newest classes and updated class start times for the live classes.  See our full FAQ below.

Members, submit the below form with your email address on file to have the current password sent to you.

Virtual Schedule

New classes dropping every day!  Members enjoy live classes on Vimeo plus our amazing library of pre-recorded on demand classes.  Live classes are added to the on demand library after airing. Instagram Live classes are open to the public and can be used using the Instagram app on a phone or tablet.

Note the “Room” in the schedule below for which link above to use.


How do I get the password?

We send out the password to active members every Monday morning. The password will change every Monday morning at 10:00 AM.

If you are a member on a $0 freeze and would like to upgrade to virtual, please submit a request in this form and we will take care of you!

If you would like to join, go here!

What do I do if I did not get the password?

You can request it again but filling out the form at the top of this page.

To help get it next week, try:

  1. Check your Inbox, Junk/Spam folder, and Promotional folders for the email
  2. If it is not there, and you are an Active Member or a Virtual Member, please follow these NEW and detailed steps for resubscribing. Click here. After you follow all steps to resubscribe, the next email you receive from us will be sent the following Monday morning. In the meantime, please email [email protected] for the current password.
  3. If you are using a work email address and your IT guidelines are strict, your company may block emails from us. You will need to either:
    1. Email your IT department to allow emails from us
    2. Emails [email protected] to change your email on file
  4. The last possibility is that you are not an Active or Virtual Member. We are happy to upgrade and enroll you.

If your issue persists, please email [email protected]

What is the best way to view classes?

You can watch our classes on your computer, tablet, and phone with a web browser.

If viewing classes on your phone or tablet, you can either view them in your browser or in the Vimeo app.  If watching in the app, please use the links above on your device, rather than searching for Healthworks Group in the app.

If using an Apple iOS device, please use the Safari browser.  There are known issues with Chrome accessing Vimeo on an Apple device.

If you are having issues still, please see Vimeo Help Guide and check the Vimeo Server Status.

How do I watch these classes on my TV?

These classes look great in HD!  To view them on your TV at this time, you will need to stream them from your phone or tablet to the TV using Apple TV, Chromecast or a similar device.  We are working on more ways for you to watch them directly on your TV and will let you know as soon as they are available.

What does a Soft Launch Mean?

Our team has been working around the clock to ensure that our members are able to continue to move to boost immunity, metabolism, mood, and continue to support fitness goals.  As it is still in beta form, there may be a few snags along the way but we will all get through it together.

Common Issues

Unfortunately there there are multiple factors outside of our control that may interrupt a seamless experience that you have grown accustomed to at our clubs:

  • Your wi-fi connectivity speed; you may notice that your connectivity speed is slower than usual. This is a result of family members, roommates and neighbors all working from home and streaming on more devices.
  • Vimeo’s bandwidth; Vimeo, YouTube, Zoom are all wonderful tools that help us stay connected. They are not, however, perfect. Every platform has some limitations that are outside of our control. We remain grateful that we do have this technology to stay as connected as possible.
  • Our Instructors wi-fi; Instructors are ready to go live for you, but if their connectivity is low at that moment they will not be able to go Live.

The good news is you can take any of our other On Demand classes at that time and go back later to watch the Live class that you were not able to connect to.

Additional Support

If you have trouble with this feature, please email [email protected] where our team will be available to answer all of your questions.

How do I access Les Mills On Demand?

Please look in your email for a link to access LMOD.  If you don’t have an email from us, please email [email protected].  Unfortunately this is a separate platform from our Vimeo so you will need a separate account.  We will receive your request from Les Mills and will approve your access. Please give the system 36 hours to process.