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  • Women’s Only, Intimidation-Free Clubs
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  • All the In-Club and HWX Digital Studio Classes You Want
  • Personalized Small Group teamTRAINING
  • Boston’s Best Personal Trainers
  • Spa Amenities and Massage for Rest and Recovery
  • Theragun Services That Increase Impact

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Recovery and relaxation are often overlooked in both the hustle of a fitness routine and everyday life. We’re on a mission to change that by making it easy to incorporate our sauna, steam room and whirlpool areas into your visit. We also offer several types of massages delivered by our licensed pros.

What’s better than breaking a sweat? Doing it with others! Our range of classes keeps things interesting and our passionate instructors are there to push you a little further than you might on your own. We also offer virtual classes through HWX Digital Studio.

Let’s take a personalized approach to your health and wellness! We recognize that your body, mind, goals, and challenges are unique to you. We pair you with the right trainer to help you achieve your best with zero intimidation.

Reduce tension and increase the impact of your workouts using our Therabody devices. Members get complimentary access to the Theragun PRO and Wave Roller and we’ve incorporated both of them into our other services like assisted stretching and massage.

There’s nothing more powerful than women supporting women. Our women’s only clubs are intentional spaces for connection because we know that meaningful friendships and a supportive community play a vital role in physical and mental wellness.

The Power of Women

Healthworks is a place for women and non-binary people to focus on themselves and elevate both their physical and inner power in a women centered space. Healthworks membership is not for cisgender men.

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All of our members get full access to HWX Digital Studio as part of their membership. Here’s what that means

  • Experience HWX classes and trainer-led workouts on the go from the HWX Digital Studio website or iOS app.
  • Get unlimited access to livestreamed classes from our Healthworks Cambridge studio with two-way video.
  • Access thousands of on-demand HWX classes taught by our instructors, plus Les Mills On Demand classes taught by instructors around the world.
  • Join class leaderboards if you’re motivated by some healthy competition.


We remain committed to keeping our members, staff and communities safe and healthy by taking these measures:

  • AIRPHX technology provides 24-hour coverage against bacteria and viruses by generating sanitized air via a wall-mounted unit.
  • Gym wipes and hand sanitizer can be found throughout our clubs.

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Back Bay

Located in the heart of Copley Square in downtown Boston, our Back Bay club offers expansive cardio and fitness floors, personal and group training, 3 studios, validated parking and a spa area with massage, sauna, a steam room and a whirlpool.



Conveniently located in Porter Square, our Cambridge club offers 3 fitness studios, personal and group training, complimentary parking and a spa area with massage, sauna, a steam room and a whirlpool.


Coolidge Corner

Our newly renovated Coolidge Corner club features a modern and expansive fitness floor, member lounge, 2 studios, personal and group training, and a spa area with massage, a eucalyptus steam room and sauna.

Are there restrictions to the Membership Promotion?

The membership promotion is available to new members who join with a club membership.

I want to try the club before I join?

No problem, you can request a trial pass here.


Yes, we recommend you bring a friend or two. Studies show you are 10x more likely to stick with a routine if you have an exercise buddy. Each visitor will need to be registered in advanced so please let us know ahead of time.

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