Massage at Healthworks Chestnut Hill is Open!  Other Healthworks locations will resume massages on August 10. To book a session, please use our app.

To ensure the safety of our therapists and customers, all must agree to the below updated policies before receiving a massage:

  1. I confirm I do not have any symptoms related to and have not been knowingly exposed to COVID-19.
  2. I agree to wear a mask the entire time I am in the club and receiving a massage.
  3. I will use best efforts to keep physical distancing where appropriate.
  4. I agree to wait in my car or outside the club until I am called/texted for my session.
  5. I agree to a physically distanced intake or phone intake prior to my session.
  6. I understand that massage team will be following club protocols for safely disinfecting and sanitizing the massage room, however, I agree to sanitize my hands upon entering the facility.
  7. I agree to not workout prior to my massage unless I leave the club to shower at my home. Showers are not currently available.


Find your balance and bliss with our luxury spa services. Our talented team provides expert and specialized care to create an unparalleled wellness experience.

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Massage therapy is available at all Healthworks locations and is ideal for those seeking to increase muscle flexibility, manage chronic painful muscle conditions as well as reduce stress.

As the massage therapist works to stretch and loosen muscles and their connective tissue, muscle tension is relieved, fluids are moved and soft tissues are warmed to encourage deeper levels of relaxation and to promote overall health and wellbeing. Our licensed therapists will address any specific areas of concern over the course of your therapy and can work in tandem with any medical professionals to support the rehabilitation process.


Massage Therapy is an important element of any comprehensive approach to wellness – we hope you will allow our talented and experienced therapist to partner with you on your journey toward better health.


Cupping has roots in ancient medical traditions across Europe and Asia and is currently used by various medical practitioners worldwide. Cupping involves the placement of small cups over specific parts of the body.


Want to schedule an appointment? Booking a massage is easy through our app or by calling the club:
Back Bay: (617) 859.8700
Cambridge: (617) 497.4454
Coolidge Corner: (617) 731.3030
Chestnut Hill: (617) 383-6100

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Booking a massage is easy through our app or by filling out the form below.