Corporate Virtual Memberships

As part of our corporate wellness program, we are happy to offer your company the opportunity to provide a virtual fitness experience to your employees to keep them moving and active while working from home.

Corporate Virtual Membership
Our Corporate Partner Pricing is significantly discounted, providing access to all employees of the organization, including women and men located anywhere in the world. Virtual Membership Includes :

• Vimeo: On Demand Classes
• Vimeo Live: Live Classes with HW/RF instructors
• Complimentary private remote personal training session
• Instagram Live: Live Classes featuring HW/RF instructors
Price quote available upon request.

Additional Virtual Options

Private Virtual Group Fitness Class
$150 60-minutes
$75 30-minutes, unlimited participants

Facilitated via Zoom, bring your team together with a private workout.  Options range from stretching to yoga to high intensity.  Our instructors are experienced in building community and encouraging engagement virtually!
One time or recurring classes available.

Lunch & Learn Seminars
$75, unlimited participants
One of our certified personal trainers will educate your staff through a 30-minute workshop held via Zoom. Workshop may be selected from a variety of topics.