Equipment Rentals

We are thrilled to provide our Virtual and Paying Club Members the opportunity to rent equipment to help support your fitness goals.

We have created a few equipment rental bundles for you to select based on your needs. Please note that all equipment is at a first come first serve basis. Please fill out this form with your request, and we will get back to you if we have equipment available. Please read the important information below:

  • Equipment bundles can not be customized or rented in partial quantities.
  • You are permitted to rent multiple bundles at a time.
  • You must commit to a 3 month rental period. Healthworks reserves the right to retrieve equipment prior to this date if the needs of the club change as outlined on your rental contract.
  • Equipment is only available to rent. We do not have any purchase options at this time.
  • Equipment must be picked up in club and returned to the club during the specified/scheduled time determined by your clubs General Manager.
  • We require two forms of valid payment on file to complete the rental process
  • If you currently have equipment rented, you will receive an alternate form to extend this rental or return your equipment.

If you are currently renting equipment and have questions about your rental or need to return your rental, please email us at:

You must complete all fields on this form before we can process your request and confirm your equipment rental.

Rental Types

Pilates/Barre Bundle ($12.50/bi-weekly):

  • 2 toning Balls or 2lbs dumbbells
  • Pilates Ring
  • Pilates ball

Strength Bundle ($30/bi-weekly):

  • 1 Step
  • 4 Risers
  • Dumbbells (light dumbbells 2.5 lbs -5 lbs, Heavy Dumbbells 7.5 lbs-10 lbs)
  • Medicine Ball or Sandbell

Yoga Bundle ($10/bi-weekly):

  • Mat
  • 2 Blocks
  • 1 Strap

BODYPUMP Set ($19/bi-weekly):

  • Bar and clips
  • 2.5 plates (2)
  • 5 plates (2)
  • 10 plates (2)

Cycling Bike ($75/ bi-weekly)

Rower ($75/bi-weekly)


Do I have to pick up at the club or are you offering delivery?

Yes, you will need to pick up items at the clubs during your assigned time slot. Delivery is not available.

Do you have other equipment available for rent?

We are only offering our bundles listed above, and equipment can not be customized.

Who can rent equipment?
This is a perk for Virtual and Fully Active Members only. Any member who is currently paying active dues or virtual membership fees can rent equipment.  If you are interested in setting up a Virtual Membership, fill out this form.

What are the bike dimensions?

Matrix Spin Bikes from Republic Fitness
Martix IC7 Model. Dimensions (51.9”L X 20”W X 3.5ft H). Weight of bike- 119lbs.

Stages Spin Bikes from Healthworks.
Dimensions – 24.5” W x 43.5” L (62.23cm W x 110.49cm L)

Rider Fit Range – 4’10” (147cm) to 6’10” (208cm).

Max User Weight – 350 lbs (158 kg).

What is the minimum height my ceiling needs to be in order to accommodate the bike?

Take your height with shoes on, add 18″. If your ceiling is at least this high, you should be able to ride comfortably on the bike.

Are there limited quantities?


Can I rent more than 1 of each?


Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes. A minimum of 3 months is required. Healthworks reserves the right to retrieve equipment prior to this date if the needs of the club change as outlined on your rental contract.

How do I rent equipment?

Complete this form and someone will be in touch with you if there is availability.

If the equipment is picked up part way through the week, will the amount be prorated?

No, payments will not be prorated.

How will I be billed?

You will be required to have 2 forms of payment stored in our system. Your first payment will include first bi-weekly payment. You will then be billed automatically on the day before your equipment is scheduled for pick up and every 2 weeks from that date.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, please fill out this form to let us know you are interested and we will send this to you via email.

What happens if something breaks?

Please see Renter How To Guide. If this does not solve your problem, please email us at:

If you have a stages bike: there is a Stages battery inside the bike console.  While this rarely needs replacement, this may be something that runs low/out during the rental.  If so, the Renter is not responsible for replacing, and may still use the bike without metrics displaying on the console.

What am I responsible for if the equipment breaks?

Our team has completed a thorough maintenance check of all our equipment. If the equipment is damaged in anyway prior to pick up, this will be noted in the rental agreement and you will not be responsible for the cost to fix the equipment.

If the equipment is broken once picked up, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs. We will determine the cost of repair once the equipment is back in the club. We will notify you of the cost and will charge your card on file.

When will I be charged if there is an issue with the equipment?

Once all equipment is back in the club, a full maintenance check will be completed. Any costs associated with fixing the equipment will be outlined in the email will be charged to your payment on file.