2020 Holiday Hustle

Fun workouts and motivation to get you through the end of the year!
7 weeks of workouts, weekly challenges with prizes, and a Grand Prize of 2021 Healthworks Group (Healthworks, Republic and GymIt) dues on us! Complete at home, in the club or anywhere you can imagine. The more workouts you do, the more chances to win!  Sign Up Now!

What is Holiday Hustle?
Holiday Hustle is a fun and challenge open to all!  Everyday from November 16 through January 1, you’ll receive a text with a link to our workout of the day. The more workouts you do, the more chances to win!


  • Grand Prize: One grand prize winner will receive 1 year of unlimited access to all Healthworks Group clubs: Healthworks, Republic and GymIt!
  • Champion Prizes: Everyone who completes 14 or more workouts will receive a Champion prize pack with discounts on massage and to local neighborhood businesses
  • Weekly Challenge Prizes: Each week there will be two winners. Everyone who completes the weekly challenge workouts will receive points and be entered to win gift cards to neighborhood restaurants

Earn Points

  • Complete the daily workout, weekly challenge, attend an HWX class (virtually or in-person) or complete a session with a trainer
  • Reply to the daily text with what you completed to earn points
  • If you completed the weekly challenge workout, reply to the daily text message as normal. You will then get a second text message to reply with your results

Open to All!
Our Holiday Hustle plus full access to the HWX Virtual catalog is only $49 for the rest of 2020. The HWX Virtual Catalog includes over 950 pre-recorded classes plus new classes every week.  Enjoy HIIT, Strength, Dance, Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Cycle and more!

The Holiday Hustle and HWX Virtual Catalog is included as as an extra perk for Healthworks Fitness and Republic Fitness members.  Just signup to start receiving your daily workings for no additional charge!

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Stay Accountable and Push Your Limits!

With daily workouts from our trainers, delivered right to your phone… our gift to you this holiday season!

Weekly workouts to include a variety of HIIT, Strength and special Challenges to mix things up and keep you motivated!

If a specific workout isn’t up your alley but you want to participate, don’t worry! We’re counting points no matter how you move, whether it’s doing our Holiday Hustle Daily Workout, an HWX class, a session with your trainer or having an active recovery workout.

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How it works!

Sign up online anytime before the end of December to get our daily Holiday Hustle texts. Whether it’s our daily workout or an alternative workout, simply respond back to our texts when you’ve completed a workout of the day to earn points towards our Grand and Champion Prizes. Once a week, we will have special Challenge Days and a chance to get 2 points: 1 point for completed the workout and 1 point for submitting your results.


Holiday Hustle workouts will be texted daily to everyone enrolled, but can also be found here in our Holiday Hustle Vimeo Showcase.  Standard virtual class password required. To get the latest password, click here.


There are several chances to win great prizes for participating in our Holiday Hustle, simply reply to our texts and we’ll track your points. The more workouts you do, the more chances to win!

  • Grand Prize: Earn up to 3 entries for your chance to win 2021 membership dues on us.  Each workout you log earns you 1 point.  Earn a bonus point if you log your result of a challenge.
    • Earn 21+ points and receive 1 entry into the grand prize drawing
    • Earn 31+ points and receive 2 entries into the grand prize drawing
    • Earn 41+ points and receive 3 entries into the grand prize drawing
  • Champion Prizes: Everyone who earns 14+ points will receive a prize pack when our Holiday Hustle wraps!
  • Weekly Challenge Prizes: Two winners each week will be announced the following Tuesday after the challenge week wraps, receiving gift cards to neighborhood restaurants like Bottega Fiorentina, Felipe’s, Pure Cold Press Juice, Legal Seafoods, Bianca Restaurant, Catalyst, Revival Cafe + Kitchen and more! (no duplicate wins week after week)
    • Get 1 point for every workout you complete and a 2nd point when you respond with your Weekly Challenge results!


No matter your workout preference, our Holiday Hustle program will keep you motivated to end 2020 on the positive!

  • HIIT Workouts: Enjoy new HIIT workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Strength Workouts: Conquer new upper body, lower body and total body strength workouts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  • Weekly Challenges: Get your competition on with special challenges every Saturday and holidays. Dig deep and complete our weekly challenge workouts and earn 2 points (instead of 1) for more chances to win!
  • Active Recovery Workouts: Need a break? Earn points with one of our special Holiday Hustle recovery workouts.These workouts include Yoga, Pilates and Meditation and can be found in our Holiday Hustle Vimeo Showcase.
  • HWX Classes: Prefer a class? Earn points by attending an HWX class in club, outside or on demand on Vimeo.
  • Training: Want a little extra attention? You can also earn points for attending a Personal or teamTRAINING session in club, outside or remote.

Whatever your preference, earn points every day with the Holiday Hustle!

Equipment Rentals

Workouts do not require equipment but weights, bands and other props can be added, should you have access. Feel free to complete on your own in the comfort of your home or at our clubs! If you’d like more equipment for your home, we do have a limited number of rentals available. Learn more here

See it in Action

Meet Your Trainers

Jalynn Brown

HWX Studio Manager

B.S. Exercise Science
AFAA GF Certification
AFAA Personal Training Certification

Circuit training, strength training and HIIT

The best workout routine is one that you can make a part of your life in the long term. The most important thing is consistency!

Cindy Ralls

Back Bay Fitness Director

MS in Exercise and Sport Science
BS in Exercise Physiology
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Strength Training, Circuit Training, Weight Loss, Metabolic Conditioning, Functional Training

I believe that fitness should be a sustainable part of your lifestyle, and something you look forward to doing! I like to keep things fun, but simple. I always focus on client goals in a realistic way, and enjoy finding new ways to challenge my clients. I believe consistency is key, and always strive to have my clients leaving with a smile on their face!

Jakki Christensen

Cambridge Tier 4 Trainer and HWX Instructor

MS – Exercise Physiology, University of Pittsburgh
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Maddog Spinning
TRX, FMS, Xbiking, CPR/AED
NASM Pre/Post Natal
Kettlebell Concepts
Assisted Stretching

Full body conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and working with clients of all ages including older populations.

I don’t have a GENERAL philosophy for training as I believe that everyone’s mind and body are different. When I work with a client, the first agenda is to set their goals in place; it is only then that we can establish a training philosophy that meets their needs. I do believe that no matter what fitness level you are starting at, you should never give up. The greatest accomplishment is to keep trying!

Meghan DeSalvo

Chestnut Hill Tier 2 Trainer

B.S. in Community Health and Wellness
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
ACSM Weight Loss Specialist
Pre/Post Natal
Precision Nutrition Coach

Strength training, weight loss, nutrition, small group training, functional training, pre/post natal.

Health and nutrition is a lifetime commitment. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a positive attitude and a good mind set!

Adrienne Lamb

Coolidge Corner Tier 1 Trainer and HWX Instructor

B.S. Kinesiology
M.A. Teaching

Weight loss and management, circuit training, strength, and endurance

One body. Working out is not just about looking good and lifting heavy weights. It’s a complete mind and body experience. There isn’t just one workout that works for everybody. It is about finding what you love and staying active. The most important thing is to keep moving, keep improving and never give up on yourself. Now let’s find your best “one” body.

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What our Participants are Saying

Thank you for doing this! Receiving the text encouraged me to work out! 💪🏼


The moves were easy to follow but by the end I was definitely feeling it!


So good! great hiit workout with Cindy + a Pilates class.


10 loved it! 20 mins is perfect


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