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What our members are saying

Thanks for all you’re doing. Started the virtual classes today and they’re great. I’m also proud to be a member of a local business committed to its employees.

Julie B.HW Cambridge Member

I want to thank you for all your hard work and efforts during these challenging and unprecedented times. You have been amazing and communicated with us every step of the way. These look great! I hope you and yours are safe and sound.

JudyHW Back Bay Member

It's hard to believe it's only been a week because you guys seem like you've been doing this forever! You're killing it! I miss the gym a lot, but Healthworks and its instructors give virtual classes a community vibe and make us feel like we are a part of something when everything else feels so isolating. It's something you can't get from online subscriptions to generic workout programs. Thank you so much for the hard work and time it must have taken to get this done so quickly and seamlessly. Thanks to all of your dedicated instructors and their positive attitudes and inspirational messages both during classes and through social media. Working out keeps my body and mind healthy and I can't imagine getting through this without you.

JackieHW Back Bay Member


I did 2 of the "on demands" this a.m. - SUCH a great way to start the day.

I especially appreciated Heather's STRETCH - didn't realize how badly I needed that!

Looking forward to what's to come.

(Can't wait till we can get back into the gym, but these sure do help!!)

CateRepublic Fitness Member

Meg - Wow! These virtual classes are cool - so many great options! I am super impressed with the communication i've received from the Healthworks team - and excited about the quick addition of these online classes, with Live classes to come too! Clearly you and team have been working very hard - it is appreciated!

Eliza S.HW Cambridge Member

This is wonderful! You have pulled this together so quickly- its admirable. And gives a sense of continuity.
Thank you!

Sarah P.HW Chestnut Member

Thank you!! I used the Vimeo classes this morning and loved it!! My favorite classes and a chance to try some new ones! Thank you to you and everyone that put this all together. I plan to keep my membership as is and continue using the vimeo classes until HW can open again. Plus Stephanie Hayslip is still running our team train season! Yay!

I hope everyone is doing well! I miss seeing Sondra every morning, I hope she is doing well.

Thank you for sending out updates. I know it’s not easy sending out bad news but know there are some members that appreciate getting the updates. (Hopefully not just me) It’s beyond your control and a very unique situation.

Jennifer P.HW Cambridge Member

Virtual Schedule


I am already a Healthworks Group Member, what are my options?

Now more than ever, we are calling on the support of our incredible members to join our virtual platform so we can continue to operate and re-open as soon as possible. Here are all the ways that you can help:

Option 1: Stay active with us: continue to pay your membership dues

We understand that not all of you will be able to do this, in that case we are also offering:

Option 2:Switch to a Virtual Membership

Reduce your membership dues payment to $15 bi-weekly or $30 monthly (depending on your plan) and maintain a Virtual Membership via Vimeo!  With the Virtual Membership, you will get access to our HWX virtual classes with your favorite instructors and hundreds Les Mills Classes On Demand!

If you would like a Virtual Membership please fill out this form.

Option 3: Temporarily freeze your membership for no fee

We would like to remind you that we are a Boston-based, family business, and this crisis is hitting us just as hard as many other small businesses. We know that many of you may be struggling so we are happy to pause your billing if needed. Please consider sticking with us at the Virtual Membership level.

If you choose to freeze, please also understand we cannot offer refunds at this time but can credit future dues. Your membership will be reactivated after the clubs open.

If you would like to freeze your membership completely at this time please fill out this form.

Which platform do you use for Virtual Classes?

Virtual Classes are available through Vimeo which is similar to YouTube. Vimeo, however, allows us to password protect our LIVE and On Demand (pre-recorded) classes.

How long are the classes available once they have been aired live?

On Demand classes will live on Vimeo and be available to you at all times as long as your Virtual Membership is active.

Once a LIVE class is over, the class is then a part of the virtual library that you have access to as long as your Virtual Membership is active. Essentially, you could watch the 12 PM Barre class from that day at 4:30 PM the following day or whenever is best for you.

How many classes each day will be available?

We are quickly building videos for On Demand, and will add more videos each week. I cannot commit to a number of added videos at this time, but rest assured we recognize how critical this is for our members and our business.

For LIVE classes, we are committing to at least three classes per day, but that is a conservative number. We have plans for more and are hoping that continued membership will help us provide more robust and consistent options.

We are working as hard as we possibly can to make sure that LIVE classes will be completely launched with 3 classes per day by Tuesday, March 31.

How long is each class?

On Demand classes are 20 – 30 minutes long for now.

At this time, LIVE classes are scheduled in 30 minute increments. We are open to possibly making LIVE classes 45 minutes long depending on member feedback and participation at a later date.

Will you still use Instagram LIVE to stream classes?

Starting April 1, we will be using Instagram LIVE just a couple times a week to get the general community moving. We are hoping people will see the value in all the classes we offer and become Virtual Members of this new platform.

How do I access Les Mills On Demand?

Please look in your email for a link to access LMOD.  If you don’t have an email from us, please email [email protected].  Unfortunately this is a separate platform from our Vimeo so you will need a separate account.  We will receive your request from Les Mills and will approve your access. Please give the system 36 hours to process.

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