Accountability Coaching

Let us help you stay accountable to your workout goals

  • Determine a workout plan that works best for YOU
  • Get help with staying motivated and getting your workouts in
  • Learn the best ways to reach your goals from a certified personal trainer or health coach
  • Best of all, it’s complimentary!

See below for more information, and to enroll, email

Accountability Coaching is a new 4-week, complimentary program offered for all members who are not already participating in Personal Training (since your trainer is already doing this with you and much more!). Accountability Coaching is a way to help you stay accountable to your workout goals by determining a workout plan based on your specific goals and the types of workouts you most enjoy. You will meet with your coach once per week, for no more than 10-30 minutes a session, making this something anyone can find the time for.

We are here to cheer you on and help you crush your fitness journey!

Week 1

We start by pairing you with one of our Healthworks Group Accountability Coaches and then Week 1 launches with a 20-30 minute video chat between you and your coach. This session will include the following:

  • Discussion of your goals, the challenges keeping you from reaching your goals, and a plan to overcome these challenges
  • An “assessment” based on your goals, with a plan to re-assess in 4 weeks. For this, you should have some way to assess your starting point as it relates to your goals (number of push ups or squats you can complete in 1 minute, timed 1/2 mile run, your weight, etc.)
  • You will leave this initial assessment with a full week plan of fitness classes and general programming from our current virtual offerings
  • This is not a workout, it is guidance on what types of workouts to incorporate and suggested formats within our HWX studio classes to help you stay accountable for working out and reaching your fitness goals

Weeks 2-4

Weeks 2-4 include weekly, 10-15 minute video chats to check in on how you’re doing with the established programming and help hold you accountable. These sessions will include the following:

  • Check in on how you’re doing and ways to stay motivated
  • Discuss how your prior week’s program and homework went and any obstacles or challenges you faced to create tools for you to overcome them in the upcoming weeks
  • Make any necessary tweaks to ensure your success in reaching your goals