Booking Spa Services

The app is the easiest way to book spa services at Healthworks! If you use Healthworks spa services on a regular basis, we highly recommend you download the app.

A few things to note:

  • If you do not have any sessions on your account, the signup process with prompt you to purchase.
  • If you wish to purchase a package at discounted rate, you should purchase your package before booking a session. You can purchase packages via the shop screen.

1. Book an Appointment

To sign up for spa appointment click the “Book Appointment” button on the app homepage, scroll to the bottom to see the Book Appointment button.

2. Log Into Your MyiClub Account

Once you have clicked on the “My Account” button, you will need to log into your MyiClub account. Click here for detailed MyiClub portal signup instructions.

HealthWorks Fitness App

3. Book a Service

Once you have selected Schedule Appointment scroll down to the spa service you wish to book.

Healthworks Fitness App

4. Select View Availability

On the next screen, select the day you wish to book.

HealthWorks Fitness App

5. Choose a Time

Once you have selected the day, click View Avail  to select an available time. Once selected, the time will appear to be highlighted. Click set to pick the highlighted time.

HealthWorks Fitness App

6. Select a Trainer & Book

Now that you have selected your time, click Select Trainer  to book a therapist. Once you’ve selected a trainer, click Book Appointment to complete the booking process.

HealthWorks Fitness App