Membership Status Form

We need your help.  Please consider keeping your membership active to support us during this challenging time.  If you cannot pay your full dues, please consider one of the other options to support us.  As with many other local small businesses we are struggling, and the future is uncertain, and we need your support to be able to continue to serve the community after a vaccine is available.

Your options:

  1. Full Membership: provides you with unlimited access to our outdoor classes, virtual classes, and the cleanest and safest possible indoor environment.  If we do not hear from you this is the default option.
  2. Virtual Membership: For only $30/mo (or $15 bi-weekly) enjoy unlimited access to your virtual classes and member rates on personal training, outdoor classes, and access to equipment rentals.
  3. Support Membership: We understand that not everyone can pay their full dues during this time.  A support membership will allow you to show your support at an alternative billing rate.
  4. No Cost Freeze: If you are not able to pay, we understand and are allowing all members to pause their billing until 2021.

What makes Healthworks special is our community. If you decided a freeze is your best option, please consider a support membership if you are able- every little bit helps us keep our doors open and the staff you love in our clubs.

If you are looking for other options, please fill out this form and reply to the confirmation email with additional requests.

I understand that my membership will automatically start billing again after the request and that refunds are not available. In addition, I will be responsible for any other annual fees scheduled during this period.

For members billed monthly, membership and billing will resume on the 1st of the month following the request period. Our freeze requests for October are closed, and freezes will start in November.

For members billed bi-weekly, membership and billing will freeze on the 1st billing date which occurs 10 or more days from today.  Membership and billing will resume on the 1st scheduled billing after the freeze period.  

We are proud to offer our members several options during this challenging time. We have had to privilege of being a part of the community for 43 years, and with your support we will be here to support you and your health in the future.

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