Renter How to Guide

Stages User Manual: 

Stage Bike Parts  

  • Saddle- two adjustments (height, fore/aft).  
  • Handlebars- 2 adjustments (height, distance).  
  • Lever- silver gear shift for resistance (left, right, center) 
  • Dial- Resistance dial used to add resistance within levels 1, 2, 3.  
  • Console- Turn on the console by pressing the Stage button. You will want to go past the Warm-Up screen until you see Stage 1.   

Bike Set-Up and Adjustment 

  • Height Adjustments (relating to the saddle and handlebars.) 
  • Use the lever mechanisms on base of bike. There is a lock and unlock position.  Once the rider finds his/her appropriate height, lock adjustment into position.  
  • There is a small knob near the height adjustment; to tighten turn to the RIGHT.  If saddle or handlebars are loose this means the knob has been turned to the LEFT and you will be unable to push the height adjustment into a locked position.   
  • Distance Adjustments (relating to the saddle and handlebars.) 
  • Turn knob to allow you to slide saddle or handlebars back and forth. Tighten knob to lock into place. 

**Download the Stages Power App on either iPhone or Android Devices.  

** Refer to Stages Indoor Cycle Website/ Support to learn more on how to get the most out of your Stages bike.