Whether you are returning to the gym after some time off, brand new to exercise, or looking to elevate your exercise foundations to start achieving new heights with your fitness, our personal training team is here to help! Voted “Boston’s Best Personal Trainers”, our trainers will help you feel confident working out in the gym and support you to get the results you want! With the support of a trainer in a 1:1 setting, you will develop the fundamentals you need to be your best, while overcoming any obstacles that are unique to your fitness journey. We can’t wait to see what you’ll achieve!

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$319 for 8 – 30 minute sessions*

*New Clients Only


  • New or returning to exercise after some time off
  • Ready to make change and commit to your health and wellness
  • Recently recovered from injury


  • At the end of your 4 weeks of training, you will have started a new fitness routine to rebuild your foundations
  • You will have a clear idea of next steps in your fitness journey, and how to maintain a long-term fitness routine
  • You will have started to see progress in your routine, strength, energy, and enthusiasm for your wellness!


  • Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping you develop healthy habits
  • Personalized, fun and challenging programming to help you meet your fitness goals
  • Skills you need to feel confident working out in the gym
  • Strong foundation for Strength Training
  • Wellness Evaluation
  • 8- 30 minute 1:1 personal training sessions
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