Request a Membership Transfer

Current members can request to transfer their Home Club using this form.  If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your membership to access multiple clubs, please visit our Upgrade/Downgrade Request form.


All new, updated and transferred memberships are billed bi-weekly (every other week) and the rates vary by club: $49.99 bi-weekly at Back Bay, $54.99 bi-weekly at Coolidge Corner, $54.99 bi-weekly at Cambridge and $59.99 bi-weekly at Republic Fitness.

Annual Facilities Enhancement Fee

  • All new and changed memberships have a $69.99 Annual Facilities Enhancement Fee
  • If you have not paid this fee in the last 12 months, it will be charged 3 weeks after your new membership starts and then annually on this date
  • If you have paid this fee in the last 12 months, you will keep your normal fee date. If the fee paid was less then $69.99, the difference will be charged with this change


If you have one, your current commitment date will remain.