Find a Gym with Childcare

By Ashley Markwood

I’ve been nursing a bum knee for a few weeks now and have been missing my trips to the gym BIG TIME. London [my daughter] and I were just starting to get into a groove and she was getting acclimated to the “Kids Club” … so I’m eager to return to our routine! The gym has alway been a great way for me to relieve stress and it makes me feel better about myself overall. I appreciate my workouts EVEN MORE now that I have a baby so …

Here are my top 5 reasons to join a gym with childcare…

1. It’s a great “time killer.” Now before you go judging me about the whole “time killer” thing … hear me out. The days of “mom-ing” are long. Amazing, yes, but long just the same. A little 15- minute road trip, 45-min sweat sesh and an hour of time has passed. You’re welcome.

2. Meet other fit mama’s. I always meet at least one mom when I drop-off or pick-up at the gym. It’s a great way to connect and chances are they’re eager to chat with another mom (you!) too! Sometimes a 5-minute vent session is necessary and who better to dump all of your problems on than a fellow mom who can maybe offer you a bit of advice.

3. Get back in shape, both physically + mentally. Hitting the gym isn’t just to get our hot “pre-baby” bod back. Working out is also scientifically proven to release endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in your brain! It always puts me in a better space mentally and gives me renewed energy for the day!

4. Cheap childcare. Does your gym have a locker room? Spa? TVs + magazines? Sometimes all you need is a short break from the chaos to walk (at a slow pace) on the treadmill, and catch up on some “US Weekly.” Or maybe (just maybe) you want to shower in peace and blow dry your hair for once! I’ve definitely dropped Lo off at the Kids Club and headed straight for the locker rooms! A little refresh time is sometimes all you may need to jumpstart your day, and gym childcare is MUCH cheaper than a babysitter … am I right?!

5. It gets you out of the house. This is a BIG one for me. Sometimes the thought of packing everything Lo needs and schlepping to the gym seems daunting, but I’m ALWAYS (yes, always!) happy that I did. No one (including your baby) likes to be confined to the house or staring at the same four walls all day! Once you’ve hit the gym, grab a coffee and get an errand done – take advantage of being in the outside world. It’s great stimulation for your little one, and you’ll appreciate the time out too!

Here are some photos from the Kids Club at Healthworks, where Lo spends her time! Nina (pictured below) is fantastic with the kiddos! She’s super hands on, energetic, and guess what – I’ve even hired her to babysit London once/week to give me a little break! If you’re a Boston mama – check out Healthworks + see what they offer for childcare!




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