6 Dirty Little Secrets

To Becoming a Morning Workout Person

Okay, so only one is dirty.

By Ally Hochman

252029_f18227f6c4c5ee20f9709b8efea5a9dc_largeFall is coming! And while we are unmistakably excited for all things autumn (crisp air, apple picking, a PSL or two…) it also means that schedules become hectic and it can be hard to fit in gym time. Make an appointment with yourself in the morning to get that workout in before any distractions or commitments pull you off track. We’ve got the secrets and we’re sharing!

1. Try a long distance relationship.
Place your alarm clock on the opposite side of your bedroom. Now, when you want to press snooze, you need to get out of bed. Get up, turn off the alarm, and DO NOT get back in bed! No, not even for 5 minutes.

2. Don’t shower.
Dirty, right? We aren’t saying skip the shower all together. Instead of showering at night, wait until AFTER your morning workout. That shower will feel even more amazing after a good sweat session! Remember, there’s only so much dry shampoo can do.

3. Set your clothes out the night before.
Know exactly what you’re going to wear to the gym and get it ready. We’ve heard of sleeping in your workout clothes but do you really want to sleep in a sports bra? Ugh, no thank you! One better, put your clothes next to the alarm clock and change right away.

4. Say hello, hey Joe!
Can’t even think about starting your day without your morning jolt of java? Good news! Caffeine has actually been shown to maximize workouts by boosting fat loss, improving circulation, and allowing you to push harder while exercising. Just make sure you aren’t adding cream or sugar. Try almond or coconut milk or even black.

5. Make sure your bag has all the essentials.
Pack your gym bag with EVERYTHING the night before. You won’t have time to do it in the morning and you don’t want to end up at the gym without sneakers or at work without clean underwear… Being prepared is more than half the battle.

6. Prepare a post-workout meal.
Speaking of being prepared, have a post-workout meal ready for after your workout. Treat yourself with something delicious and healthy! This is important to help your muscles repair and avoid feeling ravenous mid-morning. Check out Shape Magazine’s What to Eat Before & After a Morning Sweat Session.

You’re ready to go! See you at 6am 🙂


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  • lizrdbrth says:

    I love wearing my workout clothes to bed (no bra if it’s too uncomfortable)! This is especially great in the winter when it’s cold.

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