Acupuncture: Common Questions Answered

Thought about trying Acupuncture but needed to do some homework first? We’ve got the answers you’ve been searching for. Here are the most common questions our spa team hears:

*How does it work?

*Does it hurt?

*Is there something in the needles?

*How many needles do you use in one treatment?

Quick background:

The goal of Acupuncture is to get your body to a place of balance. Acupuncture uses the needling of acupoints to open up blockages within the body to allows blood and qi (your vital fore, that moves all things) to flow in the most optimal way. In doing so, this will prevent disease and cure or ease the symptoms of other diseases. Disease in this sense is the absence of health, ANYTHING affecting your health.

*Client’s responses to treatments have included:

*Improvement in their conditions

*Sense of floating out of the treatment room (i.e. extreme relaxation)

*Reduced anxiety

*Improved body and self awareness

There are a variety of sensations that may be experienced during an acupuncture treatment. These sensations may include, warmth, coolness, numbness, tingling, heaviness, electrical sensation, and yes, even pain. Although, the pain does not remain after the puncture has been made and should resolve after about 1 to 3 seconds.

There is nothing in the needles. They are stainless steel and ALL ONE TIME USE. All needles are disposed of after each treatment. Acupuncture treatments are specialized to each individual’s concerns (i.e. problem areas or health concerns), so in one treatment the amount of needles may vary depending on the person’s comfort level and what is being treated.

Treatments can range from 25 minutes to 90 minutes. Acupuncture is typically done in a series of treatments. The results you want may not be seen in one treatment. However, you should feel a difference in one treatment and a shift in your condition within four to five treatments.

So, what is holding you back? Ready for a shift? Try acupuncture at Healthworks today!

April Nieves, MAOM, Lic. Ac. Healthworks-Back Bay

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