This April at Healthworks, we’re laying down the gauntlet and offering up the following workout for our monthly fitness challenge:

The Healthworks Mini “Triathlon”

  • Complete the following as fast as possible:
  • 500-meter row
  • 1-mile bike
  • 1/4 mile run

To help you rise to the challenge, we’re offering some helpful how-to’s for each movement, including some tips on how to transition between each movement.

The Row

The rowing machine offers up an awesome full body workout. To master your technique, keep the following mantra in mind: “Legs, Back, Arms”:

  • Legs: start by pushing hard with your legs while holding the handlebar
  • Back: lean back with a straight spine
  • Arms: bend your elbows and pull the handlebars toward your chest

To return, do the reverse: straighten your arms, lean forward with a straight spine until the handlebars pass your knees, then bend your knees and prepare for the next rep.

Transition tip: a 500 m row should take you around 2-3 minutes, give or take. If you’re new to rowing, put the damper on level 3-5 and strap your feet into the stirrups—but not too tight. To remove your feet, loosen the strap and kick them up then out.

The Bike

If cycling brings up images of dripping sweat, burning quads, and heavy breathing—good. That means you’re doing it right! If you’ve never tried cycling before, we recommend hopping into one of our cycle classes before tackling the mini-tri challenge. While riding, keep your gaze up ” on the road,” engage your core, and adjust the resistance to a comfortable yet challenging level.

Transition tip: Your knees need to be ready for the run, so make sure the height of your bike seat is properly adjusted. To check: sit on the bike and push one pedal to its lowest point in the cycle. Your knee should be slightly bent, not straight nor excessively bendy.

The Run

This is your last part of the “tri,” so give it all you got! Just like on the bike, it’s best to keep your gaze up and your core engaged while running. To reduce strain on your joints, try landing on the balls of your feet instead of your heels, and envision your head staying relatively still (rather than moving up and down).

Transition tip: When you hop on the treadmill, ramp up the pace slowly but surely until you find your desired “race” pace. If you’re brand new to the treadmill, consider having a coach or gym buddy close by to review all the buttons with you.

Good luck and have fun! Be sure to share your times at the front desk and be sure to talk to a staff member with any questions.

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