Did you know that our team of personal trainers off free workshops both in-club and virtually each month for Healthworks members? All you need to do is sign up in your clubs’ schedule to participate! Here’s what you can expect this month. Sign up now!

Healthworks Back Bay

  • Core Values – Mondays at 10am with Michelle. Learn the core of who you are with a bustling 30-minute workout.
  • 30 Minute Bodyweight – Tuesdays at 10am with Correen. Looking for exercises you can do at home without equipment? This 30 minute workout will walk you through different body weight exercises that will tone and get your heart rate up.
  • Intro to Deadlifting – Tuesdays at 9am with Nick. Do you want to lift heavy but are worried that you may have incorrect form or that you’ll get injured? In this 30 minute workshop, you will learn the proper form on deadlifts and certain cues that will take your deadlift to the next level.
  • HIIT Circuit – Wednesdays at 12pm with Jeff. Join us weekly for 30 minutes of high intensity training on the fitness floor!
  • HIIT Circuit – Wednesdays at 5:30pm with Vaia. Looking for exercise that delivers results without taking too much time? Try this HIIT workout that you can do it the gym or the comfort of your own home.
  • Pelvic Floor Strength – Wednesdays at 7am with Sid. Breaking down the basics of how to stabilize your pelvic floor for any type of workout. When you spend time increasing your pelvic floor strength, you can alleviate back, hip, knee pain and so much more.
  • 30 Minute Intro to the Reformer – Thursdays at 10am in the Pilates Studio with Meg. Learn about the basic principles of Pilates and also use the reformer for a full body workout.
  • Perfecting Your Form – Saturdays at 10am with Harry. A challenging lifting workout focused on teaching you how to master your form with compound movements, lift efficiently, and get the most out of every set in just 30 minutes!

Healthworks Cambridge

  • NOURISH YOUR BEST BODY: NUTRITION 101 – Mondays at 5:30pm with Helen. Interested in Nutrition Coaching? Not sure how to best nourish your body? Come hang out with Helen and learn about all the amazing things food can do for you body!
  • KNEE HEALTH 101 – Tuesday, April 6 and Saturday April 24 at 8:30am with Kaitlyn. Worried about wiggly knees? In this workshop, come prepared to learn some basic strength exercises that will help protect the knees against injury.
  • LET’S HIT THE BARRE! BALLET BASICS – Friday, April 9 and 23 at 10am with Nichell. Starting at the barre, continuing with an adagio in the middle of the floor, and finishing with an allegro across the floor, this workshop will carry you through a mini ballet class for beginners.

Healthworks Coolidge Corner

  • Working Out with Minimal Time, Space, and Equipment – Mondays, April 12 and 26 at 12pm, Wednesdays, April 7 and 21 at 11am, and Thursdays at 9:30am, all with Jen. Now more than ever, the time we have to devote to fitness may be less than it was before. If you are coming in to the gym, you might want to keep your time there short. If you’re working out from home, it may be in between work meetings, remote learning for your kids, etc. If you’re looking to get more “bang for your buck” with your workouts, then this workshop is for you!
  • (Remote) Squat Techniques Workshop – Saturdays, April 17 and 24 and Wednesdays, April 14 and 28 (30 mins) with Jess. Squats got you down? then up? Join Jess for a 30 minute workshop where we will take a look at tailoring individual stances, explore breathing techniques, talk about why form matters, and learn strength building moves to improve your squat – anything from body weight to barbell.

Please note for April, we will not have workshops at Healthworks Chestnut Hill