Whether you’re stoked about the simplicity of holding body weight planks, or you like to get fancy-dancy with a stability ball and other fitness toys, wonderful things happen when you commit to working your core. Your body’s “core” includes all the muscles below the breast-line and above your knees. Working your core means strengthening some of the largest, most powerful muscles in your body; your back, abdominals, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and glutes. If you zone-in on your core and build your powerhouse, here’s what to expect:

Benefits of a Strong Core

You’ll Stand Tall and Look Good Doing It!

A strong core will improve your posture, joint alignment, and circulation. When your posture is good, you look healthier because you ARE healthier. Being able to stand with neutral posture, instead of collapsing in your middle, grants your organs the space they need to function and while decreasing stress on too tight muscles and aching joints. It improves your circulation meaning better nutrient transport to your muscles, organs and other tissues. You will find yourself grimacing less and smiling more!

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You’ll Have Less Back Pain and Increased Productivity

A whopping 80% of adults face lower back pain at one time or another. Many in the U.S. experience back pain that is bad enough to keep them home from work, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Research shows 50-billion dollars is spent annually by Americans trying to cope with back pain. Clearly, building a strong core to mitigate back (and, in turn, other joint pain) is a great economical choice.

You’ll Be Enriched on a Personal Level, Too

Daily physical tasks like grocery shopping, gardening and cleaning your home can feel easier and take less time when you have a balanced core. And, don’t forget the adventures that truly bring you wealth: Exploring on a long bike ride or hiking a mountain with your spouse will look less daunting and feel more like a day at the park!

You’ll Be Less Prone to Injuries

Core work renders better balance in your center and joint stabilization for the spine, hips, and knees. This translates to a decreased chance of injury in your daily life and during your workouts.

New Doors Will Open!

With less pain, enhanced general health decreases the chance of injury–and with a powerhouse middle, you will be able to put your strong quads, hams, abs and back to work to delve into new activities and set ambitious goals. You might find you’re ready to tackle plyometric work, speed training and other adventures that previously seemed intimidating.

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