Loving yourself can feel a lot easier said than done. It’s definitely a life-long journey to build confidence, but there are some little ways to give yourself a little boost and start viewing yourself in a whole new light.

4 Little Ways to Build Confidence and Be Comfortable With Yourself

#1 If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, take care of your skin (literally).

Basic self-care goes a long way when it comes to self-confidence. Get your beauty sleep. Eat nutrient-rich foods to boost your clear complexion. Feel the sunshine on your skin for a (healthy) dose of Vitamin D. Exfoliate and scrub off some dead cells! You don’t have to be fancy in order to feel confident. Getting out of your jammies and sprucing up with something as simple as washing your beautiful face can refresh your perspective and have you ready to take on the outside world!

#2 Get More than Skin Deep. Meditate.

Take a few moments to focus on deep breathing. Allow yourself to clear your mind. Remember that meditation is not a quest for perfection. It’s a journey (no matter how short) during which you acknowledge your thoughts and let them go. When you come to the end of your meditation, take the time to set an intention you own for the next moments or for your day. The intention you set can be as simple as “I will honor who I am.”

#3 Acknowledge your skin and explore it.

If you want to feel comfortable being you, take the time to get to know you! Is your day composed of activities and work that you chose? Or are you taking steps to fulfill someone else’s ideal life? Evaluate your trajectory and be honest about whether it suits you. One size does not fit all – and that is definitely true with skin! To feel comfortable in your skin, be prepared to occasionally feel uncomfortable and explore new things. That will help you learn about your likes, dislikes, and strengths. You’ll learn how you emotionally and physically react in a variety of situations. From there you can truly start to make choices and set goals that draw on your preferences and strengths so that you can grow your confidence.

#4 Do “YOU” with LOVE.

When you acknowledge your skin and honor yourself, you will shine. Figure out what you love and do more of that! Do it unapologetically. Self-awareness and self-actualization are the new sexy. Knowing what brings you joy and doing it will not only make you feel confident, you will radiate that confidence and ultimately feel more comfortable in that birthday suit of yours.

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