Motivation. You’ve got tons of it when it comes to meeting your fitness and wellness goals. You’re ready to get it done! Motivation is a necessary starting point for establishing healthy habits. But what will keep you going when the going gets tough and motivation lags?

Consistently develop CONSISTENCY!

Motivation is what gets you to the mountain. Consistency is what gets you up the trail to the top. In order to develop a healthier lifestyle, the steps you take on your path must become habit. Developing consistency can make that happen.

Bolster CONSISTENCY! Here’s How:


Take small steps.

Before you embark on your journey, establish a sustainable and realistic (not radical) plan. Create a map that includes small steps and allows for evolution, growth and wiggle room. Celebrate small victories along the way.

Write things down.

Studies show that writing down your goals can make it more likely you’ll achieve them. When you spell out your goals, determine how you will measure success. Physically track your progress with a log or through journaling. It will give you tangible evidence that you are consistent and making progress!

Practice forgiveness.

It’s important to accept that there will be days and times when you wish you’d made a different choice regarding your wellness. When you miss a workout or skimp on a training session, don’t let it derail your effort. Instead, forgive yourself and forge ahead!
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Be flexible.

It may sound counterintuitive to put flexibility center stage when you are trying to be consistent. But, as you make changes in your lifestyle, the initial plan you create will need to change. You don’t know what things will look like from the vistas on your way up that mountain until you are standing right on them. Storms blow in. Fallen trees block paths. There could be a sudden slope before another climb. Boost your consistency by committing to reevaluate your plan as you move along. Expect the unexpected and deal with it!

Keep your “appointments.”

Take self-care and your workouts seriously. Yes, it takes time to work out and eat mindfully. However the time spent on wellness ultimately saves you time (and money) by boosting your immune system. Treat the steps on your wellness plan like a doctor’s appointment. Make it a priority. You know there are always costs associated with cancellations!

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