Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It protects your innards from harmful environmental pollutants and is constantly shedding dead cells and producing fresh ones to maintain a barrier. If skin constantly renews itself, what difference does it make if you slather on makeup or products that are not organic? The problem is that skin absorbs what you put directly on it. So, before you brush on a paraben-laced blush or pucker up for petroleum-based lip balm, consider switching to organic makeup products and cosmetics to bring out your best assets. Going green can make you, the environment and your bank account a bit healthier!

Many non-organic cosmetic products contain phthalates and parabens. Researchers are determining to what extent phthalates and parabens disrupt the endocrine system and affect insulin resistance, as well as how they and other chemicals common in cosmetics are linked to certain types of cancer. Parabens and phthalates can be found in foundations, concealers, creams, nail polishes, lotions, bronzers, sunscreens, fragranced items, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, mascara…you get the picture. And what goes on your skin, goes into your body.

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For some people, the added incentive of knowing their cosmetics are created in an environmentally sensitive way makes their smiles bright before even cracking open the product. Many non-organic cosmetic products contain petroleum, aluminum and other chemicals that take a toll on the environment through mining and production. Organic cosmetic brands often include information about whether the product is made with environmental sustainability in mind and whether or not animals were used to test the product.

“…you can find an organic version of a product at the same cost or for less than the trendy chemical-laden version.”

Purchasing organic cosmetics to break a cycle of slathering on chemicals does not have to break the bank. In many cases, you can find an organic version of a product at the same cost or for less than the trendy chemical-laden version. The added bonus is that making a switch could save you costs in medical care down the road. In the short-term, though, consider trying a new organic product when the one you’re using runs out. If you’d rather change sooner rather than later, inventory your current products and read the labels. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient or see the “paraben” in anything, toss it!

Then, check-out the products and prices on-line at Everyday Minerals, Beauty Counter, Physicians Formula and Juice Beauty, in addition to those from well-known companies like Burt’s Bees and The Body Shop Minerals. Some of these companies’ products can be found on shelves at Ulta, Target, and other common shops. You’ll find ample selection and might be surprised at how competitive the green companies’ prices are compared to what you’ve been buying!



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