Ah, fashion. We don’t love it when the clothes you wear start to matter more than the amount of love you give to the body underneath them. But we do love fashion when you can use it as a way to express your confidence and style. And workout clothes are no exception!

So, get a little more joy and cheer out of your workouts this holiday season by checking out some of these

5 Fashionable, Function-Conscious, and Fall-Ready Trends:

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1) Crop Top Bras & Bralettes

Warm up (but stay cool) in a hot yoga class with these flattering and feminine tops. You get the benefit of full chest coverage plus enough skin reveal to celebrate that gorgeous body you work so hard for.

2) Leggings + Pockets

Athletic clothing needs to be comfortable and functional (let alone cute!), which is why we love our long leggings with pockets for cell phones, gym cards, cash, and whatever other small items you may need to carry on you. Plus, leggings work amazingly well at keeping you warm in the colder weather, without restricting your movement.

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3) The “Shredded” Look

Get shredded while wearing this 2017 trend-alert look. Shredded shirtsleeves, leggings, and tops are a popular style right now, and great for layering. They’re a perfect way to add a bit of sensual detail without feeling too revealing (try this option if you’re not crazy about a crop top).

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4) Joggers

Yoga pants a little too tight for your liking? The tailored look of a good pair of joggers is classy and chic, not to mention perfect for the gym—or even the post-workout apple picking trip!

5) Camo Print (Everywhere)

A nice homage to our hard-working military and fashion forward for the fall? Why wouldn’t we love camo?
Word to the wise: don’t wear only dark and/or camo clothes when doing an outside workout, such as a hike or trail run, for obvious safety reasons. Instead, try adding a brightly colored hat, scarf, or vest (with zippered pockets to keep your belongings in place). It’s the smart move that still allows you to look stylish and fit in the great New England outdoors (and let’s be honest, does New England ever look better than in the fall?).

Of course, planning your workout outfit should never outweigh the amount of effort you put into planning the workout itself. When it comes to “workin’ it” and actually doing work, we’ll choose the latter every time.

But there’s definitely nothing wrong with treating yourself to a nice top or pair of athletic pants this fall. And if your new outfit gives you a little extra excitement about hitting the gym (especially now that cuddling-by-the-fire season is in full force), then more power to you!


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