Seasonal, fresh produce is at its peak right now. And sure, for the first few weeks there’s nothing like the enjoyment of a sun-ripened tomato or juicy pink watermelon all on its own.

If you’re craving something with more dimension after those first heavenly tastes, there’s an easy fix that keeps things simple: herbed salts and sugars. Whether sweet or savory, fruit or vegetable, a quick dry blend will create a flavorful topping that can be used on fresh produce, fruits, veggies, or pasta salads, cocktail rims, and even homemade popsicles.

For each, use approximately ⅓ cup of fresh herb, ⅓ cup of salt/sugar, and a pinch of zest/seasonings (or to your tastes). Stored sealed in the fridge, these will last a month, up to 6 months for salt blends.

Note: for medical concerns regarding salt intake, feel free to use the salt substitute of your choice!

Herbed Salts and Sugars To Elevate Your Produce This Season

Basil or parsley with salt:

For tomatoes and mozzarella – what else? Try also as a topping for an antipasti or homemade pizza.

produceBasil with sugar:

Try on watermelon, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, or as a glass rim for lemonade or sangria.

Mint with sugar:

Perfect to top a watermelon and feta salad. Try adding lime zest to the recipe and topping a berry salad, or sprinkling into the bag or Tupperware of fruit you’ll take to work in the morning.

Cilantro with salt and lime zest:

Mix into a cold bean salad, salsa, or top the taco of your choice with a pinch of this blend. Not to mention the margarita glass. Feeling the heat? Add a sprinkle of cayenne or chili powder.

Dill with salt and lemon zest:

Cucumber heaven, anyone? Also great for an oil-based, Greek-style pasta salad.

Did these ideas inspire some of your own blends? Don’t be scared to experiment — that’s how great work is done in the kitchen! Happy creating!