We are the many forms of our energy! 

Energy is physical, mental and emotional, and all three are intertwined in ways that sustain or detract from the others. Many have spent the last few years pushing their energy to its limits over and over again. Those challenges and uncertainties have also led to the realization that healthy energy is crucial to how we feel and the life we want to create. 

At Healthworks, 2023 is the year of building, protecting and sustaining your energy to fuel your focus, passion and joy through: 

CONNECTION to your inner self and others. The better you can know and understand yourself; the deeper and more meaningful your other relationships can be.

MOVEMENT that nourishes your body and mind by focusing on how you feel, not how you look. At first, moving may seem like a way of using up your energy, but it actually connects you directly to your physical vitality.

RESTORATION whenever you feel you need it, not just after a difficult day or workout. Make rebuilding your energy as important as expending it.

RELAXATION that provides moments away from the pace of everyday life. Moments that give you time with your own thoughts or peace and quiet away from them. 

Whether it feels like it or not, you’re creating something every day and creation takes energy.  

So, let’s do more of the things that give you energy instead of draining it! Here’s to the NEW YEAR!