No, “EMOM” is not a virtual version of your momma who can show-up and cheer you on when the going gets tough. But, EMOM can light a fire under your keister and help you get things done! EMOM is an acronym for “Every Minute on the Minute.” It’s an effective interval workout style that is popular in boxing gyms, CrossFit style facilities, and fitness boot camps. EMOM workouts include bursts of fast-paced movements, punctuated by recovery phases.

The method helps you develop agility, power, strength, speed and endurance. EMOM’s require you to dig deep and go hard even when you might feel like slacking. There’s no fancy choreography or movements set to music, so that you can focus on form during these workouts. You will need a stopwatch or clock to time your intervals and a little space to move.

During an EMOM workout, you execute a basic movement for a predetermined set of reps within one minute. You should be able to complete all repetitions before the minute runs out, which leaves you time to rest. When the clock starts a new minute, you start a new set of movements.

One of the satisfying things about EMOM workouts is that it becomes immediately obvious to you when your fitness improves. As you get more adept at the movements, you’ll have more time to rest before you dive into the next movement bout. You can make the workout more intense by adding more reps to your plate and/or inserting more moves that challenge you.

6-Minute EMOM Workout

emom workout

Here’s an EMOM Workout to get you started:

You’ll need a stopwatch or clock, a plyo box, and a mat.

*Remember, you have 1 minute to execute the movement set. Then, you must rest for the remainder of the minute before moving on to the next set. There are six exercises in this workout, so it should take you six minutes to complete a round. Work up to doing three rounds. Include a five-minute warm-up and stretching when you’re done you’ll have a complete interval workout session!

– 20 Burpees
– 20 Tricep Dips (with hands on the plyo box)
– 20 Alternating Power Lunges
– 20 Push-ups (Do them with your feet on the plyo box and your hands on the ground if you can!)
– 10 Box Jumps
– 15 V-Ups

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