5 Everyday Foods You Can Cut For Rapid Weight loss

Is the health food you’re eating really healthy? Are you doing all the right things by exercising and sticking to portion sizes, but still can’t lose the excess weight? There are a number of causes for this hurdle in front of you, and one of them may be related to the 5 everyday food items you should be cutting from your diet.

It’s important to know, that some of your favorite foods contain hidden nasties that secretly work against your fat loss goals. Some may be obvious, while others may come as a complete surprise.

Let’s take a look now at 5 foods you need to cut today for rapid weight loss.

weight loss1) Foods Containing Refined Carbohydrates

Ok, this one shouldn’t come a surprise. Cutting back on soda and sugar in your coffee should easily eliminate the excess carbohydrates from your diet, right?

Sure, this is one step that you’ll definitely need to take. But, there are other foods that produce the same effect as refined sugar.

One the most common examples of this can be found in flour. The carbohydrates in flour products are a processed and pre-broken down version of the carbohydrates found in the grain’s original form.

Our bodies find grains difficult to fully digest, meaning the level of carbohydrates absorbed is more manageable. The process of turning these grains into flour removes this resistance from the equation, causing your body to absorb more carbohydrates than you actually need. Just like soda and added sugar, this carbohydrate overload then leads to insulin insensitivity and obesity.

2) Fruit Juices

Just like grains, healthy fruits can also be turned into refined carbohydrates.

It takes roughly 4 to 5 oranges to make an 8-ounce glass of Juice. Juicing removes the natural fibre from the fruit resulting in a sugar dense liquid.

Just think about that for a second. One 8-ounce glass of OJ contains the sugar of 5 oranges with none of the beneficial fibre. That’s almost 20g of sugar per glass! It’s very surprising considering the average 8-ounce serving of soda contains 24g of sugar.

3) Condiments

Think twice before you ask someone to pass the ketchup or any other condiment as, according to, 100g of ketchup contains 23g of sugar.

Want to know the worst part? A lot of that sugar content is added sugar and doesn’t come from a tomato at all.

The next time you want to add a little flavor to your meals, go for the natural herb option or try making your own condiments at home with these recipes from

4) Ready Made Frozen Meals

As convenient as they may be, the majority of frozen meals available in supermarkets contain a nasty mix of sugars and chemicals to provide color and flavor.

In fact, in certain cases, it’s not uncommon to find a crazy number of unheard of ingredients stated on the labels. Ingredients like MSG and Butylated Hydroxytoluene are things you would think to find in a chemistry textbook. Not on the back of your food’s packaging!

To be safe, stick to preparing your own meals using good old natural ingredients. Your health and waistline will thank you for it.

5) Oversized Flavoured Coffee

Yes, even your favorite way to start the morning or get through the afternoon slump may be sabotaging you weight loss goals.

Many flavored coffees from trendy franchises contain incredible amounts of sugar to mask the taste of their badly made espresso.

For example, a 16oz pumpkin spiced latte (from a well-known coffee franchise you may know) contains roughly 50g of sugar…Yeah, 50 GRAMS!

To help you visualize this, that would be same amount of sugar as 5 glazed donuts liquefied and mainlined directly into your body. Probably not the best way to start your day after all.

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