Feeling the TEAMBURN30

This month has been CRAZY which has meant a lot of squeezing in workouts whenever I can. Between London’s [my daughter’s] schedule, spending close to three weeks in Maine, and the 90+ degree weather, I was searching for some extra motivation!

blog2I used to workout at least 1.5 hours, 5 times a week and while staying fit and healthy is still a priority, it’s just not feasible to maintain that at this point in my life. Mom life is a constant balancing act + when you’re working around two naps and a grazing baby who eats 5 meals a day…it leaves you little time for yourself! If I can get 30-45 minutes … I’m happy! With that said, when I found out that Healthworks was offering teamTRAINING and particularly, teamBURN; a 30-minute workout that includes high-intensity cardio intervals for a total body workout, I was
SOLD. I brought my headphones so I could plug into this mic-pack thingy (yes, that’s the technical term) where I could hear the instructor Claudia and music at the same time. It was awesome to block out everything else that was happening in the gym and just focus!

blog1The workout was done solely on the treadmill + it was intense! After a brief warm-up and stretch, we started right in with 9, 30- second sprints and a short rest (VERY short rest) in between. We moved on to hills, where we alternated between different inclines and kept a brisk walking pace. Claudia was super engaged with us the whole time + I felt like I totally pushed myself way harder than I would have if I had been working out on my own. I loved feeling the sort of “team” atmosphere and sweating it out together! Trust me, you’ll definitely SWEAT if you do this workout.

Interested in trying a teamTRAINING session? Click here for more info!

blog3If you’d like to try a workout similar to this, here’s what you can do:

  • Warm-up: 2 minutes, brisk walk
  • Stretch: 5 minutes
  • Sprints: 30 seconds, Rest: 15 seconds x 10
  • Hill Climb: Brisk Walk (whatever you feel comfortable)
  • Incline: 5.0 for 2 minutes // 7.0 for 1 minute // 10.0 for 1 minute // 12.0 for 1 minute // 5.0 for 2 minutes
  • Cool Down: Walk: 5 minutes

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