With the change of seasons, it’s tempting to start looking ahead to fall, but we’re going to ask you to stay in the moment for a while longer. Here are a few ways to finish the summer off strong and set yourself up for the coming transition into fall. 

Work out with a friend
Maybe it’s something you’ve thought and talked about but have yet to actually do. We’re here to encourage you to go for it, especially since working out with a friend can push you to exert yourself a bit more in duration or intensity than you would without them. Run a little farther, do that extra set, wrap up summer on a high note, and you may even have a workout buddy going into fall. 

Try something new
Studies show new experiences build positivity, so close out the season by trying an HWX class you’ve never taken before or challenging your workouts with a new piece of equipment. Challenge yourself to push a bit further, whether that’s increasing what you lift or the length of time in your next cardio workout.Trying something new applies between workouts too, especially if you have yet to experience our steam room, sauna, or massage offerings. Even if you don’t end up incorporating any of the new activities further, they’ll still leave you with an adrenaline rush, endorphin boost, and a sense of pride for having stepped outside your comfort zone. 

Take an HWX Summer Series class
There’s no better way to finish off summer than breaking a sweat with the sun on your face and grass between your toes while being led in a fun workout by one of our talented Healthworks instructors. We still have a few HWX Summer Series classes lined up through August. They’re free and open to the public, so bring that friend we just talked about. When they’re not getting your heart rate pumping during our pop-up outdoor classes, our instructors are busy leading the charge indoors. We’d love to see you there when the temperatures start dropping. 

Make a nutritional change
The way we nourish our bodies between workouts is just as important as the workouts themselves and could be the reason you’re not seeing all the results you’re after. Whether you’re looking to improve your energy, reduce stress, or reach a fitness goal, our nutrition coaches can guide you in building lifetime habits instead of trying temporary diets or trends. 

Finish your summer off strong and don’t forget to celebrate all that you’ve done! Be proud of your summer accomplishments and know that even the smallest of changes can have lasting results.