Meal planning is popular. Why? Because it works. Many people find they save time and stick to a nutrition plan when they pre-make and pre-portion their meals. The same concept can help you stick to an exercise plan if you apply it to packing your gym bag for the week. With a little forethought and very little work, you can stay motivated to get to the gym by consistently being ready for action. You’ll save time having eliminated the sometimes paralyzing “what should I wear” question out of your day. You’ll quash excuses to skip the gym because you’ll have back-up necessities. And, you’ll get the most out of your money by actually using the gym membership for which you pay!

Ready for action? Unzip that gym bag and start packing.

Like Meal Planning, Try a Packing Plan for Your Gym Outfits

Top-to-Bottom: Take a workout shirt, fold it in half. Place a pair of shorts and socks on top. Roll five combos together on Sunday. Put one in your gym bag and line the rest up at the ready. You’ll work through the pile during the workweek and feel deep satisfaction as you do.

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Your Secret Weapon:

Wind a plain rubber band around each clothing roll. In addition to keeping your sets intact, the little loop can come through for you in a pinch during and after your workout as more than just a backup hair tie.

  • If your gym has digital locks on unassigned locker doors, put the rubber band on the handle to mark where you left your things.
  • Secure a broken shoelace.
  • Tear off a piece of it and use it to replace a lost earring back.
  • Wrap it around your generic water bottle or gym towel to identify it as yours.
  • Bundle your toiletry bottles in a rubber-band when you head to your post-workout shower.


It’s best to dedicate an airy mesh bag for your gym shoes. If that’s not possible, put them in a plastic bag. The bag can be put in your gym bag or hooked on the side of your bag. Put a few sheets of newspaper in the bag it at the beginning of the week. When you take your shoes off at the gym, wad up newspaper and stuff in shoes to control odor and absorb moisture, so they’re fresh for your next workout.


Yes, you packed a pair in your clothing roll. But, pack a spare pair too. Socks don’t take up much room, so put an extra pair in your bag just in case.


It’s smart to pack an emergency non-perishable snack in your gym bag for those days when your energy is lagging. Make sure whatever you choose is sealed well and won’t crumble under the weight of your gym stash. Chewy granola or protein bars might work as a larger snack if you need it. A small bag of ginger chews or fruit chews might come in handy if you just need a small bit of something.


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