Your post-workout clean-up routine needn’t be longer than the workout itself. Here’s how to get your hair in shape quickly after a good sweat so you can put that “I don’t have time to workout” excuse to rest and look better coming out of the gym than you did walking in:

Step 1: Assess your situation!

Is your hair naturally curly, wavy or straight? Is it dry or oily? Be honest. Then, don’t fight it. You and your hair are on the same team! If you want to get out of the locker room faster than it takes you to run a mile, work with your hair – not against it. If it wants to curl, help it curl. If it wants to lie straight, help it be sleek.

Step 2:, Accept the fact that washing your hair daily is not always better for your hair.

It is OK to go a few days between washings. Washing your hair too frequently can dry out your scalp and hair even if you condition it each time.

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Step 3: Keep in mind that the keys to having great post-workout hair are the same as getting a great workout:

preparation and individualization. You seek exercises that work with your body and mesh with your goals, right? Same thing goes for dealing with your hair! Before you enter the locker room, get a haircut that meshes with your hair type and use the product that accentuates the look of your locks.

Get Fuss-Free Fabulous Gym Hair Fast!

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If You Have Curls or Waves…

Put some curl cream in it after you wash it, whenever you wash it. That way, when you sweat, the cream is reactivated with the added moisture. Your natural curls will be as bouncy as your burpees and continue to look great when you leave the gym. Do not brush your hair! Instead, finger comb it after your workout to get out any post-workout snarls.

If You Have Straight Locks…

Try Dry Shampoo. In particular, folks with straight hair might appreciate the convenience that dry shampoo provides, since straight hair tends to get oily faster than curly or wavy hair. Dry shampoos come in a variety of forms including sprays and powders. They also come in various colors and tints. Dry shampoos absorb excess oil and sweat from the scalp, leaving hair fresh fast!

No Matter Your Type…

Toss an extra headband in your gym bag. That way, you can pull out a dry accessory rather than reaching for the one that is sopping with sweat. Wait until your hair is dry around your face before slipping on the clean headband.

Wrap It Up!

Sleek buns are possible without doing a single squat! Get yourself a fabric covered bun wrap. A bun wrap is essentially a circular piece of wire that is covered with soft fabric that can get long locks under control quickly without bobby pins. Don’t wrap or wind your hair until it is dry to avoid breakage.


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