Whether you’re tasked with hoisting heavy holiday decorations off the attic shelves this December or putting away the massive box of quinoa you just scored at the grocery store, there are many reasons why getting used to lifting heavy objects overhead can pay-off in and out of the gym. We’re here to help you learn to do it in a healthy way so you won’t get hurt!

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Our Healthworks team challenges you this December to learn how to properly hoist and hold a 10-pound plate over your head. The overhead plate hold builds abdominal, shoulder, back and arm strength and stabilization. Time your effort and track your progress through the month.

Do the Overhead Plate Hold Challenge!

  • Before you start, grab a pal with a stopwatch. A Healthworks pro can help.
  • Pick-up a 10-pound plate in both hands.
  • Place your feet shoulder width apart with your toes forward. Don’t lock your knees! Stand tall with your shoulders, hips, and heels aligned.
  • Brace your core! Tighten your abdominal wall from the bottom up. Start at the hip flexors and stabilize your middle by pulling your abs in and up without sucking in your belly button. Imagine you are wearing a corset.
  • Raise the plate overhead with arms bent so the round part of the plate faces the ceiling.
  • Straighten your arms, extending them fully, and press the disc to the ceiling.
  • Have your pal start the timer!
  • Keep your shoulders down and imagine the disc is a tray full of red wine glasses. You don’t want to wobble! This means your shoulders need to actively work to stay down during the hold to maintain a stable position.
  • Also important…BREATHE!
  • Once you’ve reached a point of fatigue, slowly lower the plate with control.

When you’re done, sidle-up to the front desk to record your time on the form that’s up there. Know that you are getting stronger every time you hoist and hold that plate. Good luck!


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