Bringing a healthy holiday treat to share with coworkers shouldn’t stress you out more than your impending annual review! Apply the same concepts you use to bolster your success at work to bringing a treat to the holiday office party. Use your time and resources efficiently. Don’t over complicate things.

Take your co-workers needs in mind while honoring your own health needs. Using these principles, you can craft a concoction that won’t send everyone straight from the break room into a food coma.

Here are three fast healthy holiday classics with modern health-minded updates you can whip up without much trouble so you can get back to work!

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Keep Your Co-workers Happy with 3 Basic Holiday Treats


1) (No Cooking Involved) Fudge.

This recipe comes from Super Healthy Kids website. Don’t judge! If a kid can make it, you can too. It requires no candy thermometer, no stovetop and no skill! But, it’s delicious and adaptable to suit all palates. This Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge recipe calls for peanut butter. But, you can substitute almond butter if you’d like. You could add ground nuts or finely minced dried fruit. You could even make it with carob powder if you don’t like cocoa. Instead of using refined sugar- that can make blood sugar spike- this recipe uses maple syrup and banana as sweeteners.

 ginger snap

2) Ginger Snaps.

Co-workers with and without gluten sensitivities will thank you for bringing in a great grain free cookie to hit the holiday mark. Paleo Gingersnap Cookies presented by A Whole New Twist will please anyone who can’t make it through the season without gingerbread. The texture is just right in this recipe thanks to a mix of coconut flour, coconut sugar and tapioca flour that form the base of this gluten-free delight.

 chocolate fruit

3) Dark Chocolate Dipped Fruit.

Like the Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge, this recipe is so easy kids can do it. It tastes so good that kids eat it- which means it will please the pickiest of picky co-workers. The Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit method presented by Clean Food Crush uses dark chocolate and coconut oil as a drizzle or dip. You can roll the dipped fruit in ground nuts if you like. Choose sturdy, but juicy fruit like orange slices, strawberries and sliced apricots to dip, refrigerate and carry to the office.

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