I do get quite a few questions on what Fascia actually is? The next question is : What DOES fascia do?

What is Fascia? What is its function?

Fascia is a continuous collagenous fluid connective tissue that surrounds muscles and other structures in our body.

We have 3 layers of fascia in our body:

1) Superficial fascia, which is in between the layers of our skin

2) Deep that covers our muscles/bones/ blood vessels, and

3) Viscera/parietal which covers our organs and helps them suspend in our body. What is so cool about this is that the tissue appears so delicate but has the flexibility, strength, and stretch to perform many functions.

When fascia is functioning properly it can help with digestion, breathing, muscle activity, and reduce friction of muscle force.

When fascia does not function properly it can either increase in stiffness, cause inflammation/trauma, and decrease blood, and oxygen supply to muscles. This inhibits our muscles from contracting and relaxing in the correct way, increasing the creation of “knots” or spasms within the muscle.

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Is your fascia tight? We can help!

Myofascial massage is just one, albeit the most effective, way to help with releasing tight fascia. It can be painful due to the nature of the stuck fascia and requires a continued pressure stretching motion. Once this is released that is when deeper work can be performed and help increase the mobility of the muscles.

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