My Postpartum Journey

After my pregnancy, I tipped the scale at 251lbs. For the last 2 years, I  worked like a maniac at the gym to shed the 80lbs I gained while pregnant and “get my old body back.” Instead, I got injured and discouraged. Although I have dealt with weight issues my entire life, I had previously been able to transform my body in weeks as an athlete in my 20s. After having a baby and an epidural, my back wasn’t the same. My weight wouldn’t budge.

I tried to power through the pain and train on my own, but that only led to more postpartum pain in my back.  Combine that with my metabolism slowing down, a mommy schedule, unhealthy eating, and unrealistic goals- I  failed and gained weight back.

I was so focused on the past that I wasn’t making any progress in the moment. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to “get my old body back” and started embracing myself as a new woman that I finally started to see change. I had to accept change both big and small. Accept that jumping jacks and mountain climbers were a “no go”  due to my back and that a foam roller was this new girl’s best friend. The old me was cool, but this new woman is way cooler. She is a caretaker, artist, lover, and mother. This new woman is sagacious and finds strength in yoga, stillness, and silence. This new woman rocks her curves, eats right, and respects the process.

Currently, I am down 75 lbs but I am still a work in progress. Right now, I am training for my first NPC Bikini Competition in 2016. I train 3 times a week with the Pro-lifers Weightlifting Team and enjoy tackling cardio 5 times a week by taking group fitness classes at Healthworks Back Bay, especially Tabata, Body Attack, and Cardio Sport.

I hope by sharing my story, it will hopefully inspire someone else to not give up. Special thanks to Erica, Crystal, Kate, April, Julie, and all the staff at my Back Bay site for encouraging me to attain my goals! I appreciate you all so much!

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