Beat the summer doldrums and rock the boat! Join the Healthworks July Challenge and see how fast you can cover 500 meters on a rower.  Rowing is a total body, heart-pumping workout that’s easy on the joints. You’ll improve cardiovascular fitness while developing muscles in your back, arms, abs, glutes, and legs. Rowing is a versatile go-to exercise for those seeking a solid steady-state cardio workout and for folks who love doing intervals. Hop on and discover what type of magic the rower can work for you! Healthworks personal trainers and staff are ready to help you navigate the waters, encourage you and track your progress this month.

Here are Some Tips to Get You Started on the Rowing Machine

There are 3 stages of proper rowing form; the catch, the drive, and recovery:

1) The Catch: 

This is the start position. Imagine your oars are out of the water. Bend your knees, while holding the bar with your palms down, back straight, and arms extended in front of you at chest height.

2) The Drive:

As you straighten your legs, the seat will move back. Keep your arms straight. Bend your elbows once your legs are mostly straight. Pull the bar to your stomach while maintaining good posture.

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3) The Recovery: 

Momentum will help you bend your knees to return to the start position. Keep your arms at chest height as they extend.

As you move through the stages of the stroke, focus on keeping the movement smooth and fluid. You’ll cover more ground with long slow strokes than choppy short ones. While the upper body pull is an integral part of a strong row, try zoning in on the power of your legs, glutes, and core. If you focus on form, you’ll cover 500 meters faster and faster throughout the month. Track your progress.

Ready to Take the Challenge?

Remember to write your name up on the board. If you want extra help or coaching on form, our personal trainers are here to help. Ask any fitness team member to set up an appointment. As you take on the challenge and hop aboard, remember that the Healthworks community is pulling for you!

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