Healthworks has been part of my life since I was 19 years of age.  I have always loved being part of an all women’s gym.  After having a very desired baby girl I gained about 42 lbs. Becoming a mother was the biggest dream of mine and I was finally blessed with her at the age of 42.

After my delivery, I was able to lose 20 lbs fairly easy but then, I was stuck in a rut. I felt a bit hopeless and lacked energy and motivation. Going to the gym at this point was dreadful. I wanted to be a healthy, active mother that could keep up with her child and live a long and healthy life.

One Sunday afternoon, while at Healthworks in Cambridge, I heard some fun music and cheering. It was Adam’s Zumba class. I saw this tall, young man that was full of charisma with this tremendous energy and I told myself I would try this class. The following Sunday I was there. At first, I could barely finish the class. I felt that I had lost my Puerto Rican rhythm in comparison to everyone else. Adam, with his motivating demeanor just told everyone to have fun and keep moving. His talent, humor, energy, and fabulous music selection got me hooked.

I got my groove back.  I felt more confident. I began to go to the gym more often and any class he was teaching, I was there. I began to incorporate other classes and got more creative with my workouts at home. I started to walk/run and just felt so much lighter. I didn’t even realize how my body was transitioning. I had more energy to chase my toddler around and I looked forward to working out.  I began to love it!

I have learned through this that weight loss and fitness is a journey, sometimes slow. There is no quick fix. You must find a workout that invigorates you, that you love, and stick to it. I love Zumba thanks to Adam. He is such a remarkable instructor and I truly owe part of my success to finding his class! I weigh less than I have in 15 years and feel great in my own skin.

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