From Nancy & Jillian Crowley, June Fit Girls- 



I always knew that I needed to get in better shape. In the past I have joined co-ed gyms but I was always intimidated to do any weight training (as that area was usually dominated by men/boys with a lot of grunting and dropping of dumbbells!) As I find it a little boring to just use the aerobic machines, I would find any excuse not to go to the gym and eventually I would quit.

I knew of Healthworks and even though I work in the financial district where there are plenty of gyms I decided it would be worth the walk to the Back Bay to go to an all female gym. As you know when you first join Healthworks you are encouraged to try everything. I took advantage of the free training sessions and was lucky enough to work with Kayla. She was great in planning our sessions as every time was different, not to mention a little tougher!

Jill, my daughter, joined this past January. She also signed up for the free training with Kayla and needless to say, she too enjoyed working with Kayla. I thought to myself why don’t we arrange a mother-daughter training session once a week. Admittedly this was for selfish reasons on my part as this would guarantee I would see Jill at least once a week. For her, there was additional incentive as she frequently gets a complimentary dinner afterwards!

It may be surprising that Kayla is able to arrange a session that is appropriate for both of us when there is an age difference of 30 years.(I know that it is easier for Jill as I am always dripping after a ½ hour!). Kayla successfully compensates for our differing abilities by adjusting the weights and varying the exercises to suit each of us.

I very much look forward to our training on Wednesdays and really look forward to dinner afterwards!


In college, I was part of the women’s track and field team so I spent a lot of time working on my fitness. After spending so much time training in college, I found it difficult to consistently motivate myself to work out on my own. The personal training has provided a great opportunity to get back into strength training and a great reason to catch up with my mom. Having a partner to train with at the gym makes us more accountable and we can help motivate each other through the tough workouts!

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