Whether you’re new to the treadmill or a regular user, here are 3 tips to keep you injury-free and maximize your time on the machine:

1) Keep Your Eyes Forward

It’s common for some exercisers to watch their feet as they go, but this can really mess up your balance! Just remember, where your eyes are, your feet will follow. Trust your body, it was made for this!

2) Start by Straddling the Belt

Step on the belt while it’s moving at a slow pace and gradually increase the speed and the incline. Start with adjusting one and then the other. A 1% grade mimics road running conditions better than going completely flat. This also a good trick once you’re ready to try sprints!

3) Let Go!

It’s okay to hold the handles when starting the machine in order to find your balance but once you get moving, let go. If you feel like you can’t run without holding on, slow down. Standing tall instead of leaning on the bars will improve your posture which means better breathing, form, and build balance.

Are you ready to run? This June join other Healthworks members and test yourself to see how fast you can run a half-mile on the treadmill set at a 1% grade. Race against the clock and track your progress. Our fitness team is here to cheer you on!

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