We want you to sail into summer feeling unsinkable! The Healthworks team calls you to tap into the power of your own bodyweight this May to discover your strength by seeing how many Inverted Rows you can pull-off in one minute.

The Inverted Row is a fantastic functional movement that develops multiple muscles. You’ll have the support of the team and fellow members as you power through this challenge. If that’s not enough incentive, we also have prizes!

Our friendly staff is here to help you perfect your form and show you modifications so you can get started.

How Do You Perform a Bodyweight Row?

If you want to try it on your own, go to the weight room and find the “Smith Machine.” Place the bar about shoulder height to start. As you get adjusted to the exercise, you can lower the bar to make it more challenging. Place your hands on the bar in an overhand grip wider than your shoulders. Walk your feet under the bar. Keep walking them forward and hang onto the bar until your legs are straight out in front of you and the bar is over your chest. Your heels should be on the ground, toes lifted. Once you’re in the start position, pull your chest to the bar by engaging the muscles around your shoulder blades, biceps, traps, and abs. Lower yourself with control.
That’s one. Keep going for a minute and don’t forget to count!

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What Benefits Come From Adding the Bodyweight Row to My Workout Routine?

1) Relax Your Back

If back pain (especially during exercise) is a common problem for you, this is the exercise for you. Because of the nature of this movement, there is no extra stress placed on your back half!

2) Efficiency at its Finest

Work your muscles without wasting your time! This “all-in-one” type of row works “pull” muscles: the back, biceps, traps and all the stabilizers in between.

3) Pre-Pullup Practice

Is completing a full bodyweight pull up on your “wish list? This exercise is perfect for prepping muscles and working your way up to the real deal.

Be prepared to really feel this exercise. It involves a great deal of core strength and more. That’s why we chose it! But, we are certain that YOU CAN DO IT! And if you do it, you will come out of May stronger than you are today.


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