How fast can you run a ½ mile on a treadmill? However fast you run it today, we bet if you practice you’ll be even faster by the end of the month. (And, we’ll be jumping for joy to see your progress!) Try this month’s treadmill challenge and let the Healthworks team do what we love to do – celebrate your strengths with you!

Maybe our selfish desire to celebrate you isn’t enough motivation. There are other reasons why you should consider participating:
– Running regular speed intervals allows you to tangibly track your fitness.
– The running drill will help you build anaerobic capacity that can help you perform better in any sport.
– You’ll improve your ability to pick up your pace when you’re running for a ball or finishing up a race.
– It can also help you live everyday life with more ease since most of our daily activities require short bursts of energy and unexpected moments when we need to summon instant power and speed.

For this challenge, set the treadmill on a 1% grade. The slight incline will help mimic an outdoor run. Start each run by standing on the treadmill rails. Affix the safety clip to your shirt so that if you fall, the treadmill will turn off. Turn on the treadmill and start walking at a slow speed until you get used to the belt movement. Let go of the handles. Look up!

We suggest you warm-up with several minutes of walking or slow jogging before you dive into your ½ mile run. It’s not only safer since your vestibular system will have a chance to adjust to the moving parts, but your time will likely be better since your joints will be lubricated and your muscles ready to move!

monthly fitness challenge run half mile

Once you feel warmed-up and comfortable on the machine reset it because it’s GO TIME!

– Make sure the incline is at 1%.
– Turn on the belt and increase your speed.
– Run! Run! Run!
– Once you hit .5 miles, record your time.

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